March 14, 2022


Every single one of us at some time in our life will have thoughts we would rather not have.

When we suffer with high levels of anxiety we might be experiencing these thoughts on a daily basis.

Often we will recognise that these thoughts aren’t doing us any favours and having them doesn’t actually achieve anything except to cause us distress.

Anxiety can have us thinking things about our situation that we know aren’t real.
Anxiety can have us thinking things about others that we know are most likely completely inaccurate.
Anxiety can have us thinking things about ourself that we know are harsh or unfair.

However, what we think is often not as important as what we do with those thoughts.

Do we attempt to shout them down?

Do we call ourself ridiculous for having them?
Do we treat our mind like the antagonist of our own story.

Whatever you are thinking today and however you are feeling, always remember that these thoughts and feelings come from a part of you that is trying to protect you.

Sometimes it will get things wrong.

That’s ok.

There are many people in my life who have been wrong about me. I don’t judge their friendship by how accurately they know me, I judge it by how much they care about me.

Your mind is your friend and it is trying to help.

So whatever you do with those thoughts, don’t ever make the mistake of thinking they are trying to harm you.

Your mind is trying to help you and keep you’ve got to love it for that.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

March 14, 2022
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