April 1, 2021


Yes, we all make mistakes. Even when we look at how well others are doing and it seems like they must be doing everything perfectly and effortlessly, guess what?

They make mistakes every day too!

The key to moving forward with confidence is nothing to do with how few mistakes we make.
It’s more about how we react to those mistakes.

Do we beat ourselves up and berate ourselves for our failure?
Do we curse ourselves for being someone who just constantly makes mistakes?
Or do we pause, recognise where we went wrong, and learn from those mistakes.
Making a mistake is an integral part of learning. The only reason we repeat the same mistakes in life is because the first time we made that mistake we spent our energies on self-criticism rather than self-development.

The best way to build confidence is to make a mistake.
This is because we have now just learnt something we didn’t previously know.
This makes us the most knowledgable version of ourselves that there has ever been... and now we can move forward with that knowledge, and as a result, more confidence in ourselves.

To make mistakes is human.
To make mistakes is to learn.
To learn is to grow.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

April 1, 2021
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