September 14, 2021


If we can safely assume that happiness is the main goal we, as human beings strive towards (which some would argue we can’t, but this is my page so let’s assume it anyway), then it would serve us well to have some idea of what we believe happiness to be.

The mind of many of us will instantly move towards something that we have or would like to have, such as a relationship or our family, perhaps a lovely home in a nice location or a fulfilling job or career that brings us a sense of purpose each day.
Some of us might think of our favourite food or our happiest location.

However, I would argue that happiness isn’t about what we have, and it isn’t about where we are or what we do. I believe real happiness, true lasting happiness derives from being happy with who we are.
If we can look in the mirror in the morning and see someone we like, respect and perhaps even love then it really doesn’t matter so much what the mechanics of our situation are.
Whatever life throws at us, if we like the person it’s being thrown at then we can probably find a way through whilst knowing that no matter what happens externally, I’m happy with the person I call me.

After all, we better like who we are…because we’re going to be with that person at all times. Forever.

However, if we reserve answering the question “am I happy with who I am?” until we have checked the mirror to see if that statement is true then I’m afraid we might be in trouble.

What happens if we don’t look so good today?

Well, here’s a thought.

When a mother gives birth she doesn’t wait to see how the child turns out before offering it any love. A mother loves her child unconditionally and without qualification or caveat.
How about you extend yourself the same type of love?

What we see in the mirror will change from day to day, and it’s ok to like some things about ourself and not others.
However, let’s decide today that “I love me” is base level, day one stuff, and everything else for the rest of our life simply builds on that.

Because as strategies for happiness go…there are worse places to start.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

September 14, 2021
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