December 14, 2020


Let’s face it, a Zoom call with a close friend or relative really doesn’t compare to being with them and giving them a hug.

The novelty of keeping in touch via our computer screen has quickly worn off, and whilst an online quiz is fun, I’d much rather sit in the same room as my friends and chat over coffee and cake.

It took me barely a few weeks before I’d concluded video calling just isn’t the one!

However, there’s something important about remaining emotionally connected to the outside world and the people you love... something we could easily overlook, and something we might have taken for granted.

Online chat might not be the same... but it’s what we have right now.
Whilst we might not be able to travel and visit friends in the same way as we have done in the past it’s important we keep connected, so both they and us know we still care and we’re still thinking of each other.

We’re fortunate to live in a time when something like an enforced period of isolation doesn’t mean we completely lose touch with those we care about.

So here’s a simple thought for today:

Reach out to those you love.

Remind them you care about them... because they care about you, and it never hurts to hear that...even if it’s just via a blurry computer screen and a dodgy internet connection.

Hope you are doing well.


By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

December 14, 2020
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