December 30, 2016


We have all made a New Year’s Resolution at some point. Maybe you’re one of those people that make them every year. If you are then you are very probably aware of the slim chances of the resolution actually sticking.

Statistics suggest that only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions prove successful. That’s right, a massive 92% of perfectly well intentioned efforts will prove fruitless this January. Most of them will have failed before the end of the second week of 2017.

Even though those stats might look bleak, there is actually a perfectly good reason for them being so. When you attempt to change something about the way you behave with a New Year’s Resolution you are basically attempting to go against the way your mind is programmed. Even without knowing what it is you are trying to achieve I know your mind is programmed to do something different, because if it wasn’t then you would have changed this already.  In fact you would have done it effortlessly and instantly. However, the reason you want to do this now is  probably because you have in the past felt helpless to make the change.

The success or failure of your New Year efforts will depend almost entirely on your ability to reprogram your subconscious responses.

Think of your conscious mind as the part that wants the change and the subconscious mind as the part that can deliver it…but only if it wants to. If your subconscious mind is doing something different to what you want from yourself then we have that horrible feeling of being out of control of our own thoughts and behaviours. This is why simply making a conscious effort is not enough. Your subconscious runs the show and if you want it to change you need to deliver that message directly.

Our NYR attempts most closely resemble a very poor form of self administered talk therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). If you head off to the doctor reporting anxiety or depression you might just get prescribed a course of CBT. This would consist of 6-8 sessions of a treatment tailored to you and delivered by a trained professional. Now bearing in mind CBT can boast a 50% success rate at best, it’s perhaps no surprise that your own version of that therapy, consisting of one session on December 31st, delivered by you and involving mostly positive thinking and heavy drinking has such a poor success rate. In fact it’s a little surprising that the success rate is so high!

However, there is a way of increasing your chances of success. Remember, your subconscious is in charge of your imagination and your emotions. When you emote or imagine you are dealing almost exclusively with your subconscious processes. Becoming imaginative or emotional helps us  achieve a state called Subconscious Dominance. This means that basically your subconscious is listening and maybe even in a place where it can update learnings and programmings.

Once you have the attention of your subconscious mind you then get to deliver your message of positive change. The good news here is that your own mind wants to create happiness so will seldom deliberately resist change. The bad news is that unless you deliver the right message in the right way it will remain in the dark about how to do what you want it to.

If you’d like to find out more about how to utilise the amazing potential in your own subconscious mind then you can attend one of my CONTROL workshops and learn my simple system for making fast and lasting changes. Check out the latest dates here:

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

December 30, 2016
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