November 19, 2020


Today my wife and I were meant to be at Disneyland Paris.

It had been planned for quite a while and Britt and I had been looking forward to it...especially after the year we’re all going through.

However, the world had other plans... again.

Now, I’m not going to lie... it’s so frustrating to have to cancel any sort of plans...especially holiday plans.

It’s also frustrating to not be able to do our usual ‘cinema and meal out’ this week (Thursday night is date night in the Box household). It’s also frustrating not to be able to nip to Bluewater for a coffee and a sandwich as we often do when we fancy a change of scenery.

But let’s not confuse frustration for anxiety, and let’s not turn frustration into anger.

Right now these things are beyond our control, so frustration, anxiety and anger don’t actually solve any problems or achieve anything positive.

At this time we are all much better off focusing our energies and our attention on deliberately creating a positive and productive daily life.

This will mean changing not just our daily routine but also changing our perspective.

If we just put our life on hold whilst this all blows over then this will just become a trial of endurance. Every day will include frustration and anger and will cast us as the victim in our own story.

Better we take the situation we have and turn these days into positive and productive ones.

Perspective is everything, and whilst I still wish we’d been able to go to Disneyland this week, I’m also grateful that right now I’m safe, warm and comfortable, spending time with the woman I love.

What are you grateful for?

Tim Box

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

November 19, 2020
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