November 22, 2021


In case you needed reminding of this today, making mistakes is ok.

In fact, it could be argued that making mistakes is essential.

Without the inevitable stumbles and false stats that come with the tackling is new situations we wouldn’t learn and we wouldn’t grow.

Every time we get something wrong we learn a lesson, something we didn’t previously know. As a result, we become the most knowledgable version of ourselves there has ever been.

It’s because of that that when we’ve had a week where we seem to have got everything wrong, we have every right to start the next week more confident than we have ever been.

So alright, I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but my best advice for building confidence is ahh my ways:

Keep learning.
Keep growing.
Keep making mistakes.

What did you learn last week?

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

November 22, 2021
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