September 20, 2021


These are strange times we’re going through.

We’re all feeling a lot of uncertainty and confusion on pretty much a daily basis.

That’s ok.

The reason we might feel more anxious more often than we have before isn’t because our stressors have caused a malfunction in our brain or exposed a genetic defect.
It’s because our mind will send our focus naturally to the area it feels needs our attention.
Often the target of our attention is the puzzle we have yet to solve, the situation we have yet to understand, the circumstances we are yet to feel comfortable about.

Don’t chastise yourself for feeling this way. It doesn’t mean you can’t cope, and it doesn’t mean you are broken. It just means now would be a good time to remind yourself how much you have overcome in your life. It means that right now would be a good time to recognise how good you are at adapting to new circumstances, and pushing through the challenges.

You’ve been doing it all your life.

So whilst it might be natural to lose a bit of faith in how our usually predictable lives have become so unpredictable lately, just don’t lose faith in you.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

September 20, 2021
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