October 4, 2021


I have a task for you this week.

Don’t worry, it’s not a complicated one...but it’s perhaps not easy either.
However, the good news is it will take very little actual effort to carry out.

This week, when your performance doesn’t quite match up to your expectations (and this IS going to happen at some point in the next 7 days, because you are human) then instead of castigating yourself and attempting to inspire a greater level of achievement by employing a self-scathing inner rhetoric I want you instead to remind yourself of three truths:

1. I’m trying hard.
2. I’m doing my best.
3. I’m doing better than I give myself credit for.

I’m not sure who taught you that bullying creates better performance, but they were wrong.
Or at least they failed to notice the better strategy.

We are unlikely to achieve greatness or even a basic level of happiness if we are continually being told we are not good enough.
We tend to do much better when believe we can.

So always remember the person who talks to you most every day is you.
That’s a good thing.
That means you get to decide what you hear.

So do yourself a favour this week.

Don’t beat yourself up for being you.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

October 4, 2021
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