August 25, 2017


I often encounter something in my clients that we might refer to as a fear of change.

There is sometimes a part of their mind that refuses to accept the option to update or upgrade the thinking simply because THIS is who we are, and to change ourselves would be to become someone different.

It doesn’t seem to matter how bad the current situation is or how unhappy they are with the current pattern of thought or way of responding, there’s just something about the idea of abandoning the way we do things that is simply too scary to be contemplated.

In these situations there are a couple of very simple truths that often shift the perspective and instigate positive change.

Firstly, it may be frightening to think of changing, but the more frightening thing would be to think of the prospect of never changing. Whatever is going on has become so bad that the person in front of me is now seeking help from a professional. often times it is the prospect of never getting any better that fires their subconscious to take that daring leap of faith into the unknown and opt for the new way, whatever that may be.

Secondly, and perhaps most obviously, we change every day. We have roughly 40 quadrillion active synaptic connections in our brain that regularly update and reconfigure themselves according to the information we input via our senses. This is happening whether we like it or not.
Our choice is to change in whatever way the world sees fit or take an active role in creating the change we want.

Change is inevitable. Happiness is created.

Growth happens every day. Positive development only occurs by an act of will.

To become more than we have been is a daunting thought. But it is only daunting like a rollercoaster is daunting. It is only frightening like our favourite horror film is frightening.
Perhaps it isn’t scary at all. maybe it is just EXCITING!

I don’t change because I am unhappy with who I am.
I change because I am excited to see what I can become.

To change is to grow…
We grow every day…
You either flow with the tide…
Or you walk your own way.

Watch the video and then why not take the exciting step of attending a workshop and learn how to take an active role in the way your mind updates and changes every day.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

August 25, 2017
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