September 2, 2021


The phrase is overused and we’re all tired of saying it, but the sentiment remains true: we are living in strange times.

We find ourselves having to regularly adapt to unwanted restrictions and live in a world where more than ever we are being asked to do our best in the face of new challenges.

It would be easy to look at the scale and nature of the task ahead of us and doubt our own ability to cope. As we assess the situation and ponder our next steps forward the likelihood of mistakes and mis-steps seems high.

However, in the midst of confusion and difficulty always remember that we don’t feel anxious about the challenge, but about our ability to cope with the challenges.
So never forget to credit yourself with the daily achievements (even the mistakes... for this is how we learn) and acknowledge how far you have come.

In those dark times when you seem to be getting everything wrong, and you start to doubt your own value, choose instead to place your focus on the things you achieve every day, those things you long ago stopped giving yourself credit for and took for granted. Focus also on the benefits of making errors as we walk into uncharted territory and how that need only be regarded as learning.

Mistakes are our education and each lesson grants us greater knowledge.

Yes, we will fall.

Yes, as we pick ourselves up we will feel that moment of doubt and perhaps hesitate to continue.

In that moment remind yourself:

“I am doing my best...and my best gets better every day”.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

September 2, 2021
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