February 21, 2022


Anxiety levels are pretty high these days.

Many who have never had anxiety issues before have found themselves in recent times losing control of their anxiety.

Some are even starting to wonder if they are developing an anxiety disorder.

Let’s say this one more time...feeling anxious does not mean you are ill.
It means you are human.

Feeling escalated levels of anxiety is normal right now. You’ve never been asked to deal with a global pandemic before.
The good news is that you’re not being asked to deal with one now.

You’re being asked to deal with you.

That’s the only thing you are in control of.

So do yourself a favour and stop questioning the way you feel. Stop feeling anxious about feeling anxious.
Don’t second guess your emotional responses and what they say about you.
Listen to them and accept them. ...and one last thing... You’re awesome! You’ve got this!

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

February 21, 2022
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