January 15, 2021


At some point yesterday you made a mistake.
At some point yesterday you didn’t perform at your highest level.
At some point yesterday you fell short of the mark.
We all did.

That’s not because we’re stupid or weak.
That’s because we’re human beings, and no human being lives a perfect day...EVER!

The problem is not that we make mistakes... the problem is that we then take that information and conclude that we are someone who makes mistakes. The problem is that we then beat ourselves up for our shortcomings.
This then leads to the expectation of failure in today’s endeavours.

Whilst the prediction that we will get things wrong today is very probably accurate, don’t overlook the dozens, maybe hundreds of things we will also get right absolutely every day.
All too often we base our expectations of today on the worst parts of yesterday, and ignore the best parts... simply because the things we got right we started taking for granted long ago.
However, dwelling on the mistakes and revisiting them only holds us back, and prevents us from taking on new challenges and continuing our growth.

Every day we do great things.
Every day we overcome challenges.
Every day we push forward.

Imagine how much more we could achieve if we stopped carrying the baggage of yesterday’s failures...how much further we could go if we weren’t constantly looking back.

So today, let’s move forward with the expectation of many successes, recognise our achievements, no matter how small, and let’s not let thoughts of yesterday ruin today.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

January 15, 2021
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