March 29, 2021


We’re witnessing and perhaps even experiencing a great deal of fear about change right now.

As the world struggles on through this largely unpredictable phase, fear threatens to rule people’s thinking.

However, fear of change isn’t simply limited to the things we cannot control, like the actions of others or the unexpected challenges life might throw at us today.

Often we experience a huge fear of change when it comes to making personal changes.

We might wish to evolve and upgrade our thinking, we might be desperate to let go of negative responses that have held us back and caused us pain... and yet something in us is frightened of what it might mean to become something different.

As uncomfortable as life might have become in this current form, it is at least OUR discomfort.
It’s familiar.
It’s known.

Sometimes the journey into the unknown (no matter how dissatisfied we might be with the life we know) just seems too terrifying to embrace.

What would life be like if I changed?

Who would I be if I changed?

Perhaps you have grown to believe that your anxiety is your identity... an essential part of who you are.
Perhaps you have a fear of becoming a version of yourself that you no longer recognise.
Perhaps you fear the decisions you might make if you were no longer limited by anxiety.

Sometimes we have to take that leap of faith, embrace the unknown and confront the scary!

After all, as scary as it might be to change, the scarier thing would be to never change.

Whether you realise it or not, you’re quite good at dealing with change. You’ll find it much easier than trying to endlessly tolerate life as a version of you that makes you unhappy.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

March 29, 2021
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