May 21, 2021


Your story is not a book about anxiety.

It can feel like it at times, and as we know, some chapters feel longer than others.
What began as an exciting adventure can very quickly get bogged down in too much detail and start to become a chore to wade through.

When it comes to anxiety many of us will reach that point where we are more than ready for this particular chapter to end now. We might even start to wonder if we have the strength to reach the other side of it.

But no matter how long this particular part of your story lasts, don’t make the mistake of thinking that anxiety is the central theme.

All things pass if we allow them to, and this phase of life is no different.

There’s also one other important point that’s worth remembering: you’re not just reading this story... you’re writing it.

You are not simply a passive observer of this journey... you are the author.

We are all writing our own story as we go, reacting to new ideas, making up new plot twists every day, with every page we turn.

So if we make the mistake of thinking our story is all about anxiety, we might well find ourselves writing more anxiety chapters than we would care to read.

However, it’s because we are all writing our own story that we get to choose where that story goes next.

We all get to choose whether we write ourselves in as the hero or the victim.

The victim is purely a reactive character who has little to no input in the overall direction of the story, whilst by contrast, the actions of the hero are what drives the narrative forward.

Because this is your story you get to choose your role.

Which role will you choose today

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

May 21, 2021
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