July 23, 2021


When we deal with high anxiety on a daily basis, and in particular when we have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder it can be so easy to believe that this story of our life that we are working our way through is in fact a story ALL ABOUT anxiety.

However, let’s not ignore the hundreds of other plot threads that our particular story has and will explore over the course of our life.

Whilst anxiety may well be an ever-present or recurring theme it doesn’t have to define the narrative.

Remember it is YOU who writes your story. How much focus you put on each episode is up to you.
Some times in our life will warrant whole chapters, and others get nothing more than a passing mention, but never fail to notice that the story continues to evolve... and so does the main character.

Don’t get stuck thinking anxiety has to be the central theme.

Your life is not a book about anxiety... it’s a book about YOU.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

July 23, 2021
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