August 23, 2021


In a world that seems at times to be constructed in a way specifically designed to create anxiety in its inhabitants, it can be easy to cultivate the idea that anxiety (the high level stuff) is a permanent state.

We may well go through protracted periods of our life when there seems no respite from these unpleasant and unwanted sensations.

Yes, life can be hard.
The struggle is real.

However, do all you can to avoid that all too common mistake of concluding that there is something about YOU that is the problem.

It’s ok to be challenged.
It’s ok to struggle.
It’s ok to feel overwhelmed by life.

If you can come out the other side of these times (and there will be many) safe in the knowledge that there are going to be times when anxiety is appropriate, and that’s ok, then you will not only be doing better than most but you will also have one less thing to feel anxious about.

Anxiety is not who you are.
Anxiety is a word that describes how you sometimes feel.

Just as each situation passes, so will the emotional responses that accompany it.

Of all the things that demand your attention, and all the things you potentially need to fix... how you feel is not one of them.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

August 23, 2021
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