June 15, 2017


People often ask me if I have an opinion concerning the best way to beat anxiety. There are so many different approaches: Medication, therapy, lifestyle changes, diet changes…the list goes on.

However, in the case of anxiety and the associated effects there seems to be one thing in particular that eases the struggle. That thing is education.

Anxiety levels tend to reduce when we have a greater understanding of what is going on in our heads and on our body, and that it doesn’t have to continue. After all, the symptoms we are feeling are effectively created by our own mind. Giving that mind more information is how we enable it to get control again.

So the top three things to remember that I highlight in this video are all born from the principle that knowledge is key to understanding, and understanding solves this for us.

There are of course many other things to learn about anxiety and the list could extend far into double figures, but for now, here’s my top three things to remind yourself when you are experiencing anxiety getting out of control.

Feeling anxious doesn’t mean you are sick. All too often our first port of call when we have been experiencing unexplained high levels of anxiety is to head to our local doctor. The problem here is that doctors have limited options and understanding when it comes to emotional issues. They also have an issue in as much as they need to give each presenting condition a particular label. They have to do this because the next time you are there you might see a different doctor, and that different doctor will want to know what the last one discussed and diagnosed. As a result of this if you present with no medical ailment, but high anxiety that doesn’t seem to be shifting you will be labelled with having an anxiety disorder. This is the main reason why we could regard anxiety as an illness. You will leave the doctor’s with a condition that you now have to start managing. As a result you might justifiably get concerned every time you feel anxious about something, because this is now your ‘condition’ playing up. The first thing you need to know and ALWAYS remember. You are not sick. Anxiety is an emotion. You are currently feeling that emotion very strongly. The good news is that no matter how definitively your brain has become wired for high anxiety, it is in your hands to rewire it for more acceptable and desired responses. When approached the right way it can be quite simple to do so. Often the only reason we don’t naturally start the rewiring and recovering process is because we have been given the belief that anxiety is an ongoing condition we are afflicted with.

Panic cannot kill you. When anxiety gets high we can often tip the balance into full on panic mode. When our fight or flight kicks in it can feel like we are actually dying. Panic attacks are horrible things to experience and they come with a frightening sense of confusion about what on earth is happening to you. Unfortunately the fear that something life threatening is going on exacerbates the response and sends you deeper into that high adrenaline fight or flight mode. It is important to remember that you CANNOT die from a panic attack.

A very valuable rule to remember with anxiety is that the way it feels is seldom the way it is. This is very true in the case of panic attacks and high anxiety. The symptoms you are feeling are the result of your powerful mind getting very concerned.

It will pass. It always does.
You will survive. You always do.

Anxiety is tiring. When you are experiencing high anxiety levels, expect to be worn out and tired. This again doesn’t mean you are ill in some way, it just means your body (and mind) is exhausted from the constant adrenalised state.

Schedule rest times effectively. Rest during the day if you need to and make sure you allow enough time to get a full night’s rest and sleep. The important thing to remember here is that even when you can’t sleep (after all, isn’t that what anxiety does?) the rest you are giving yourself just by lying down and taking time to do nothing is invaluable.

Don’t get frustrated or clock watch. Just allow yourself to be.

Nothing is so important to ponder and mull over that it warrants sacrificing your rest. Charging your batteries at the end of the day is the most important part of your day because it dictates how your day will go tomorrow
When you are tired your mind gets fatigued and damages your perception of yourself and the world around you. When you get your rest you start the day with a greater cognitive capacity and start to solve all the problems that have been stressing you and creating the anxiety.

Finally…remind yourself how well you are doing. Even though the struggle is real, you are doing better than you realise. We notice the broken fence panel not because the fence is ruined, but because it is the broken one that needs attention. Do yourself a favour and notice the perfectly good panels. Focus for a moment on the good things you have achieved and that you showed up today to take care of things.

Always remember…you are awesome. You’ve got this.

Check out the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP22ZuW7kx8

Get the book (out July 17th) for more important information and ways of relieving anxiety:


By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

June 15, 2017
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