October 15, 2021


Is there really a simple solution to our anxiety issues?

For anyone who has been struggling with anxiety for any amount of time the answer to that question will most probably be a very clear ‘no’.

It certainly seems self evident that if there was an easy solution, we would have found it already, wouldn’t we?

In my experience that was certainly the case. I assumed that getting control of my anxiety response was going to be difficult, if not impossible. After all, I had really tried to change this many times, to no avail. I still felt anxious most of the time.

However, just because the solution doesn’t come easily don’t make the mistake of thinking the answer must lie in the complex.

Complexity is where anxiety lives.

The more complicated we make our thinking the less likely we are to find a solution to a response that thrives on the minutiae and the over-analysis.

Whilst not necessarily easy to do without a touch of guidance, getting control of anxiety is a simple process.

Understanding why we feel anxiety and why we currently feel it so viscerally and intensely is how we ultimately get control.

Understanding is the antidote.

It’s often just a slightly different perspective and a fresh point of view that allows our mind to shift its responses.

It can happen quickly, and it can seem so simple when it happens. That doesn’t mean we should look back and mistake that process for something that was easy.

But whatever you do don’t abandon that process. The answer is never out of sight, we just might be looking in the wrong place.

By: Tim Box

The Control System | Master

October 15, 2021
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