After 20 years in Education, teaching, mentoring and coaching, Valérie decided to pursue her passion to become a certified Life Coach and continued her learning journey since.

Valérie works on an emotional level with her clients, as it tends to be our emotions that limit us: self-doubt, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, lack of motivation, purpose, feeling insecure, stress, anxiety, weight loss and more.

Valérie discovered Tim Box and the Control System through his Ted Talk. This structured way of working with the mind, along with her coaching skills are the perfect combination, allowing her clients to ‘let go’ to achieve their full potential and become the best version of themselves. By understanding and taking control of unhelpful patterns of thinking, feelings and behaviour, her clients learn to allow themselves to step into their own power to live a fulfilled life.

Valérie brings her unique style and personality to her on-line sessions. Her approach is client focussed and tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Finally, to illustrate her services, Valérie loves this quote from Dorky Buddha: If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down” and remember that without taking actions, nothing changes.

If you are ready to transform, evolve and grow, Valérie offers online consultations via Zoom in English and French.

"I started working with Valerie to let go of negative thoughts which have been part of me for most of my life. During the sessions, Valerie very quickly made me feel at ease and relaxed. She is kind, dynamic and attentive. By accessing my sub-conscious, Valerie made me understand that what I needed to change is my approach and response to what goes in my mind to remain in control. A strategy to ensure that I am the happiest possible in my life. Thank you so much as I feel now lighter and in control."
Yann, Brighton

"I eat fairly healthy food during the day but once home, I snack! I could not believe that after just one session, I could see the change, I was not tempted at all by snacking when I came home after work.
Being a rational, “factual” scientist I was dubious my subconscious could be influenced in that manner but it did! I really enjoyed the sessions, Valérie has a very soft, soothing voice to lead you through the exercises. This is a very powerful technique to deal with emotions, definitely worth trying. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results."
Florence, Sully

"I visited Valerie with a closed mind initially. I spoke to her about my fears, what caused my anxiety and what I wanted to gain from the sessions. She opened my mind to the idea of conscious vs sub conscious. After suffering from anxiety for such a long time, I am now able to control my mind and body. I can’t thanks Valérie enough to give me the ability to accept myself."
Georgina, Penarth
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