Tracey has worked as an Occupational Therapist/Case Manager, with more than 27 years of experience dealing with a variety of conditions, including chronic illness, neurological conditions, mental health issues and brain injuries.

After undergoing training in Massage Therapies, Aromatherapy and Meditation, for self development and to assist in her own health issues. Tracey discovered that many of her clients were presenting with mental health difficulties, that manifested in the form of physical issues. She was able to marry together all of her therapy experience to benefit her clients, but felt that there was a missing link in her tool kit!

She discovered The CONTROL System, at a time when she was grieving and experienced personally the positive effects of the system; so much so that she realised CONTROL was that missing link and she has consequently added it to her skill set.

Tracey is passionate about helping people to live their best lives possible. Empowering you to take control of your own life; to stress less, live more and feel well, through the full cycle of life.

Change is possible and can be achieved quickly, painlessly and in a way that you are involved and feel empowered.

She whole heartedly believes and has experienced that ……..

“The mind body connection = CONTROL”

“When Tracey told me she could help me feel less anxious about my impending birth - following a traumatic experience three years ago - I had to give it a shot. Having never heard of the Control Method I was unsure what to expect, and maybe even felt a bit sceptical. But, from the first session I could see results! Usually, when talking about my past experience, I would feel that warm rush coming into my throat, and sometimes even tears starting to well in my eyes;  A few days after my first session a group of fellow mums asked me about my impending birth (common conversation when you’re visibly pregnant), it wasn’t until I was walking home alone that I realised I had no emotional reaction at all... I spoke comfortably and confidently about both my current and past situation. It felt like a huge milestone and I couldn’t quite believe the transformation. Following the sessions, I have felt a sense of calm about the approaching birth, and confident in decisions that I have had to make which only 6 weeks ago filled me with dread and anxiety. Tracey is very personable and makes you feel at ease, even when talking about something difficult... I would highly recommend her, for all her services! “
Lisa - Fear of giving birth

“I have been attending and receiving a couple of therapies from Tracey.  The first has been her meditation course which has become my favourite activity of the week. The group is friendly, therapeutic, non judgemental and teaches you a variety of meditation techniques.  I use these techniques daily to help me keep calm and manage the daily stresses and strains that family life throws at you. It's a great self care package and I highly recommend it to everyone!!

The second therapy I have had has been a form of hypnosis (without trance) which has helped me with a specific issue which has been having a detrimental effect on my everyday life! My issue was around driving and being a confident driver and passenger. I was Such a  nervous driver that my anxiety was felt by everyone in the car and I avoided driving at all costs (getting the children to school was the only thing not affected). I had 3 sessions with Tracey and I can honestly say after the 1st session my anxieties and fears were reduced by about 80%. After the 2nd, it was all gone!! It has been amazing and such a relief. The routes and journeys which beforehand were huge headaches and would set off my anxiety symptoms are now anxiety free and I can even sing along with radio  The sessions themselves are relaxed, calm, private and all held in Tracey’s gorgeous new purpose built studio. Thank you Tracey for all you have done for me! “
George - Fear of driving and being a passenger in a car

“I have suffered with self confidence issues ever since I can remember and had developed negative thought patterns which were affecting me in day to do life. I went to see Tracey for some remedial hypnosis, not really knowing what to expect. She immediately put me at ease and I found it really easy to talk about my issue. Tracey helped me to access the part of my sub conscious brain that had developed these negative thoughts and behaviours.  After my first session, with Tracey, it was like i had flicked a switch in my brain and I couldn’t even find any negative thoughts about myself if I tried. I noticed an immediate affect in my life and I have begun to value myself and treat myself better.  As a result I am much happier. I have even been able to use the techniques that I have learnt to help me access my subconscious and improve other parts of myself.  I would highly recommend this treatment to anybody who wants to make positive changes in their lives.”
HH - Poor self confidence and self esteem

“I’d struggled with my anxieties since childhood. My first session with Tracey led to huge changes for me, and by the time I’d had my last session, I really felt like a different person. The chaos in my mind just disappeared. Tracey helped me get right to the core of my problems.”
EM - Severe anxiety and difficulties making decisions
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Tracey Allport

South East England

Whitstable Kent

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