Stephanie Juha is a CONTROL Practitioner, a Certified Professional Hypnotist with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotists.

As a Member of the Complementary Medical Association, a Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, and a Registered Hypnotherapist in the state of Washington.  She is also certified in 5-PATH Hypnosis and certified to teach 7th Path Self-Hypnosis.  She is ready to meet with you in-person at her office in West Seattle or via private online sessions.

Stephanie served in the public sector as an attorney for over 17 years.  She worked on interesting, engaging, and personally meaningful issues that focused on helping others.  She helped revamp a truancy intervention program,and assisted employees as an attorney in human resources.  However, as her passion for helping others grew, her desire to do so without engaging in an adversarial process also grew.  She felt burnt-out and exhausted and dreaded the workday.

In her search for a path to help people outside of the adversarial legal landscape, she completed a training in life coaching as well as in mediation.  These trainings sparked her interest in brain science and how the mind works.  She began to wonder if she should study brain science since she has an undergraduate degree in Biology.  Then, she discovered hypnotherapy’s extraordinary power for deep and permanent change and felt her calling to help people through hypnosis.

She would be honored to help you access your inner wisdom held within your subconscious mind so that you can dissolve old limitations and find new freedom from the issues you are struggling with.

"I went to see Stephanie because I was curious about hypnosis and how it could help me. Our first session was a "getting to know" information session however I was able to see results right away. There is nothing intimidating about the session, Stephanie will set you at ease and explain the process. Our subsequent sessions built upon the first and were both relaxing and helpful. Stephanie also provided me with additional tools and resources that I found valuable to use in other areas of my life (book resources, podcasts, techniques). One thing I said to her at the conclusion of our time together is "why isn't everybody trying this"? I recommend giving it a try because what you learn from this type of hypnosis can be extrapolated into other areas."
Amy H., Seattle, WA

"My hypnosis experience was great with Stephanie. I was unsure about hypnotherapy as a treatment modality and now I am a believer. Hypnosis with Stephanie has been amazing in treating my condition with incredible improvements. I will continue working with Stephanie using hypnotherapy as a supplemental treatment. Stephanie is a thoughtful gentle hypnotherapist and I trust her to guide me on my healing journey. Thank you, Stephanie!"
Carla L., Tacoma, WA

"My experience with Stephanie and Synchronous Hypnosis has been amazing. I'm continually in awe at how a few sessions has made such a positive impact on my life. Stephanie is kind, knowledgable, caring, and has great insights into her craft. Just a few sessions with Stephanie has helped me so much - opening up to how my subconscious can influence my conscious mind and everyday emotions and behaviors is truly life changing. I cannot recommend Stephanie any higher."
Alison W., Lake Forest Park, WA
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