Making her home in the south of England in 1997 after moving from her native France, Soélie has continually thrived on working with people, enjoying human emotional contact throughout every path of life.

During a 12 year career in the NHS, Soélie often thought about the multiple ways in which she was helping patients and wondered if she could compliment this through alternative and holistic methods. Discovering hypnotherapy for herself planted the seed of what would become a passionate quest...helping people help themselves.

Soélie’s training has opened her own eyes to many techniques and resolutions that she is keen to share with you.

With a diploma in Hypnotherapy, certifications in NLP, OldPain2Go and The Hypno-Gastric Band, becoming a practitioner in the Control System has enabled Soélie to offer a range of treatments completely tailored to each client in need of her help.

Soélie offers online consultations via Zoom or Skype, in English and French.


Originaire de la région d’Auvergne en France et installée dans le sud de l’Angleterre depuis 1997, Soélie a toujours travaillé avec le publique, fascinée par le contacte émotionel humain dans tous les recoins de la vie.

C’est pendant une carrière de 12 ans dans le milieu médical qu’elle a commencé à se demander s’il pouvait y avoir des moyens d’aider ses patients de façon altérnative et holistique, et c’est en utilisant l’hypnose pour elle-même qu’elle s’est rendue compte du potentiel de cette pratique.

Diplômée en Hypnotherapie à Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy en 2018, certifiée en PNL ainsi qu’en la méthode OldPain2Go, devenir praticienne en Control System permet à Soélie de faire des consultations sur mesure suivant les besoins de ses clients.

Toutes les consultations se pratiquent en ligne par Zoom ou Skype, en français ou en anglais.

"Soélie is professional, approachable and kind by nature and made me feel at ease from the beginning. As a newcomer to hypnotherapy she explained the process clearly. I have found the experience very therapeutic and have learned a lot. I would highly recommend Soélie to anyone considering either exploring or revisiting hypnotherapy."
EW, Chichester

"I am lucky enough to also know Soélie in a personal capacity so was able to have an open conversation with her prior to my appointment. Because I have known Soélie in a personal capacity I know she is fully committed and very passionate in what she does and I am fully able to put my trust in her."
AU, Midhurst
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