Shannon is a well-known figure in the USA for changing lives by bringing better physical and mental health to her clients.

She has dedicated a huge portion of her life to help each person become the best version of who they are one step at a time, and teach them how to continue to do this for life.

When she learned about the CONTROL System in 2016, she contacted Tim Box and her close friends in the UK to see how we could actually bring this to America.

Two years later, and lots of planning, it happened!  Shannon is proud and honored to bring  this method to America as one of the first 3 CONTROL Practitioners in the country.

There is nothing she won’t do to make this world better for everyone. Hard working and nonstop caring is what Shannon brings to life every day, and CONTROL is the most life-changing system she has found to date. With a 100% success rate not only for her clients, but for herself!

And, by the way, in 2016 Shannon, who has been a musician since the age of 5, was inducted into the IA Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Women Who Rock.

"I cannot say enough good things about CONTROL or Shannon Price. CONTROL is an incredibly simple and effective method of freeing yourself from thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you. It worked immediately and has provided consistent results. I feel a sense of freedom, joy, and satisfaction every day since doing the sessions. Most of all, doing CONTROL with a practitioner like Shannon has been amazing. Shannon has a sensitivity and radiance that is unique. She truly cares about helping others, and she pours her whole spirit into everything she does. Her energy itself is healing and empowering. She is the perfect person to do CONTROL with. I’m delighted to recommend CONTROL with Shannon Price! Best, "
Sadie E. W., JD, MBA

''I am so grateful for Shannon and the incredible work she is doing using the CONTROL method. Shannon brings enthusiasm, kindness, intelligence and dedication to everything she does, which makes her an exceptional practitioner. She conducted sessions professionally, following protocol, clearly stating each step in the process, and ensuring that my stress levels were significantly decreased prior to concluding sessions. More importantly, Shannon worked within this framework while also providing an emotionally safe environment; accepting, honoring and gently transforming my internal world. Shannon’s work is a testament to the power of a compassionate and educated guide, to foster the healing of mind, body and spirit in another.'

"I am writing on behalf of Shannon Price and the work that she did with me using the Control System. I have been struggling with General Anxiety Disorder and low-level depression and have been having difficulty making progress with various things in my life. In addition to individual therapy, an Acceptance Commitment Therapy group, regular weight-lifting classes, and other self-help methods, I met with Shannon four times over a period of a few weeks.

At first, I was skeptical of the mild hypnotic nature of the process, but over time I found that the concepts that Shannon talked about were very helpful in understanding the ways in which my subconscious was working against me to keep me from moving forward and accomplishing certain things in my life. Over the course of a few sessions, I was able to visualize the “crew” on the ship and speak to them so that they would work for me and follow my lead rather than taking over and choosing the direction of the ship to protect me (from things that I don’t actually need to be protected from). I was also finally able to create a “safe space” or “happy place”, which is something that I’ve wanted to do in the past but haven’t been able to fully visualize. As I’ve continued to use this process, it has become easier to access the visual places that I initially accessed with Shannon’s help. This has been very powerful for me as I’ve worked through difficult feelings and moved in the direction of accomplishing things that I need to get done to move forward with my life.

In general, I think that the Control System is a great approach to being able to find better understanding of one’s thoughts, feelings, and motivations. It is also seems to be consistent with mindfulness techniques and well-known therapy methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy while offering something more experiential, so I found that the combination of these things was complementary.

I would certainly recommend that others work with Shannon and this system and am grateful for the time that she spent working on this with me. I know that she will be able to use her skills with this system to help many other people, as she already does in many aspects of her life as a trainer/coach/and leader in her community. Best regards,  "
Control Workshop Presenters

Shannon Price


Iowa City, Iowa

CTRL Practitioner, Strength & nutrition coach.

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Shannon’s Ageless Fitness | Team Rock Solid

Shannon’s Ageless Fitness | Team Rock Solid