Ronit holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture and a wide range of holistic therapies. Learning is her passion, and she has traveled around the globe studying with Masters and mentors.

She was introduced to Tim Box and The CONTROL System through his TED Talk and the Hypno Summit.

Ronit is an experienced health practitioner and has supported her patients and their families through the ups and downs of what life brings to the table.

Her particular interest is in helping support women and their partners, who have had difficult or traumatic labours, miscarriages, or infant deaths; women who are having fertility issues or anxiety related to pregnancy or preparation for labour, parent/child bonding and behavioural issues.

“Trauma and traumatic experiences or injuries live within us from the moment we are in our mother´s womb, our body holds onto it and our minds create barriers to keep us safe. Those barriers can stop us from moving forward with our lives. The CONTROL System is a simple tool to understanding how your mind works and allows you to take CONTROL of your life in a healthy and safe way without re living that experience”.

“The healing process cannot begin without reverence for the individual being treated. Ronit’s professionalism, empathetic, compassionate, and very kind attitude, invests in your wellbeing. She will certainly celebrate your strength and empower you to transform yourself. I am in awe and appreciation for the work she has done with this amazing therapy, which has brought about a very deep transformation in a very gentle, fascinating and magical way. My Palpitations have stopped. Amazing”.

“I had never heard of the control system before but found it a fascinating experience. It offers an extraordinary way to dig deep and get in touch with obstacles or feelings that are blocking me! With Ronit’s help to find the ‘crew’ member within me, I have largely overcome these and am moving forwards with a new perspective. It is subtle work but has been uplifting. I was very happy with Ronit´s guidance and support and would highly recommend her and the Control System”.

“I enjoyed the sessions and found them extremely helpful. Ronit´s guidance put me at ease, and I felt very relaxed and let my fingers do the talking. I found it interesting talking to my “crew” members and fascinated as I noticed the changes in my behaviour following the sessions. I think this is a fantastic method and would highly recommend Ronit and the use of The Control System to anyone. Ronit has a very calm manner and guides you to change your beliefs and negative behaviours. I gave it a 10/10 and a big Thank you for sharing this method”.
Control Workshop Presenters

Ronit Broder

South East England

St. Albans, Hertfordshire

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