Based at Inner Health Church Street, Maidstone

Rebecca has been fascinated with the ways of the human body for as long as she can remember. After qualifying as an Osteopath from the European School of Osteopathy in 2014 she has been seeing patients with a range of physical issues. A large percentage of which turned out to have an integral emotional element which in some cases was holding them back from recovery and change. In some examples this ranged from weight issues, sleep issues, traumatic events...the list goes on! The thoughts and beliefs we have are vital to health!

After attending a Control Workshop in 2017  to work on her own  anxiety and grief patterns she became excited by the idea of helping people even more to upgrade and take back control of their lives! So she became a Control Practitioner in June 2018.

Rebecca now works at Inner Health in Maidstone, Kent.

Control Workshop Presenters

Rebecca Oliver

South East England

Maidstone, Kent

CTRL Practitioner

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Regain Control

Regain Control