From an early age Paul has enjoyed working and supporting people. Starting in sales, working in the NHS, the legal and financial world in the city, and IT support for doctors and pharmacies all had a similar theme. How could he help someone?

Paul qualified as a Nutritional Therapist after losing three stone in weight and his related health issues. With so much more energy and vitality he was being asked to help others.

He was introduced to the Control System where he went on to study and qualify as a Control Practitioner and Remedial Hypnotist. When Paul’s first client, who was terrified of heights, sent him smiling proof from the top of the London Eye, he was hooked!

Using his new knowledge, mixed with parental experience, a calming sense of humour and that same desire to help, his practice grew to include three sites across Medway with people coming from neighbouring counties and across Kent. Paul has qualifications and experience in first aid at work and for paediatrics, mindfulness, grief and counselling. He often appears at networking events, awareness days, corporate wellness retreats and delivering workshops.

What was one of Paul’s biggest personal Control moments? Removing an extreme 30 year fear and phobia of dogs! His very happy wife, two young daughters and a little puppy join him on relaxing walks and play fights.

None of us were born with anxiety, fears, phobias or low self-esteem, and we are certainly not stuck with them. Taking Control and making the Change to find that sense of achievement, purpose, give up smoking or lose weight can be life changing. Most people find it hard to choose which thing to change….Paul likes to ask, “why change only one?”

Control your today and Change your tomorrow.

“Coming to Control and Change has changed my life for the better. Paul has enabled me to take control of my own mind so I am no longer controlled by fear and anxiety. Paul is an extremely caring man who is passionate about helping others and will go above and beyond to get you where you need to go. Paul has helped me tackle my fear of getting on trains - I now commute to London for work every day, before seeing him I used to get the train maybe once a year and would fret about it for weeks beforehand. I never thought I would be able to work in the city and be a commuter!

He has also helped me with my fear of crowds. In the past I have cancelled going to gigs, or I have got there and had to leave the crowd because of my anxiety, but I recently got to see my favourite band, we pushed our way through the crowds to the front and I was fine. It was so cramped and we could barely move or breathe. Old Eloise would have been freaking out, crying and having a horrible time, but new Eloise had anxiety levels of zero and excitement levels of 100! These are just a couple of examples of the way Paul has helped me to live my best life.  I cannot recommend him enough! Thank you Paul.”
Eloise, Dartford - Anxiety

“I met Paul with some trepidation but having seen reviews, I thought it was worth a try.  I needn’t have worried. I had been grieving strongly and for a fair period but had not really dealt with it at all.  Over time, I think I may have fallen into depression and it began to affect many other areas of my life that I had not even considered related before having seen Paul.  I was especially concerned about the effect that I could see I was having on people I cared about. I was very nervous at first as the idea of sitting in front of someone and forcing them listen to ‘me, me, me’ wasn’t something I relished.  Even though I knew I had a problem, I felt somewhat pathetic in having to take this route.  However, within minutes of meeting Paul he made me feel at ease and that I was definitely making the right decision.

After our first therapy session, I immediately felt lighter.  I could recall memories without the immense, all consuming pain that I had been experiencing to date.  I had been dreading the Christmas period but began to feel excited again.  I had been unable to listen to certain music because of the memories it invoked and yet immediately after the session, a song that would have had me rushing to turn off the radio previously, now made me smile.

In further sessions Paul worked to affirm this and also helped me with my sleep which seems to be working well – I still wake up in the night but fall immediately back to sleep again and this was a real difficulty for me before. The icing on the cake is my husband’s reaction in noticing a difference in my energy, motivation and how much better I am at engaging with people again.  His comments really validated my decision to take the jump.

If you are struggling with grief (or anxiety/depression) and are in need of some help, I couldn’t recommend Paul enough.  He really has helped me in ways beyond what I thought possible and I couldn’t be more grateful.”
TC - Kent - Grief

"After months of my daughter, Thalia, suffering with anxiety and being in a state of hysterics every evening, I arranged for her to have a consultation with Paul. He discussed with her the reasons behind her anxiety and where she wanted to be by the end of the sessions of therapy. She had 3 sessions with Paul, where he helped change the way she subconsciously viewed situations, after which she was noticeably more confident and happy. She has since had a clearer idea of what she wants to do in the future and is currently applying for university and actively searching for jobs, which would have previously caused extreme panic.

I can’t thank Paul enough for his excellent service. Throughout the whole process he has been very active and genuinely engaged in helping my daughter, reassuring her that he will be available to contact for any further issues. I would always use Paul’s services again and would have no hesitations when referring Control and Change to other people."
Brian Burr, Taurus Locks - Anxiety and Panics Attacks

“I would like to sincerely thank you for your help with my insomnia. Having spent the last few years waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep was taking its toll. You took the time to listen to me, find out what was going on in my life and what was causing my anxiety. You then explained clearly about what the treatment entailed, how it would work, and how your sub conscious controls and affects what we do in our everyday lives – from childhood to adult hood. I felt very relaxed and in safe hands.

I was amazed at how you could get someone to relax and talk to their subconscious. Now I can sleep and get on with my life!  Thank you for your help and support.”
Graham Dolan, Gray IT Ltd - Insomnia

“I came to see Paul as for number of years I had problems with de-cluttering among other things. With his help I was able to realise that I had been seeing items as animate objects with feelings and a worry that if I got rid of them I would lose the memories of that person, place or occasion. This has now gone and I am in the process of sorting out. I also had a fear of driving up hills and hill starts in cars due to a problem on my first driving test, since seeing Paul I have driven up Manor Road twice with none of the anxiety I used to feel. He has also helped me with my self confidence and spider concerns, the latter culminating in picking up a dead house spider (while wearing latex gloves) and popping it in the bin.

I have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone, with his help I was able to look at my life and Control and Change.”
Anna Collins, Jaffa Graffix - De-cluttering/grief, Fear of hill starts & Spiders

“Control and Change has helped me in ways that I really did not expect. Paul is great at what he does and has the right balance of being able to listen and support whilst incorporating a disarming humour that really makes you feel at ease. If you are ready to make a change, give Paul a call. There are so many applications but the great thing is that once you get the hang of it, you can begin to apply it yourself. And that really is life changing.”
Donna - Kent

“Since meeting with Paul Wren, and having done 3 sessions (not including 1st free session), I'm honestly amazed at how much this has helped me, I feel calmer, more patient and able to deal with life with less anxiety than any other therapies have tried and failed to help before! I've literally tried everything and am relieved to know that this is an amazing therapy.

I am so grateful to Paul as he has a calming effect with no judgement. Paul is empathetic and very supportive even outside of session hours, he's willing to help. In my eyes Paul is a genuine healer! I'm relieved Paul was recommended to me just a month ago, and life has changed dramatically for me.... Thank you Paul. I hope I never see him again hahaha, for therapy! Thank you dude!!!”
Sonya - Anxiety

“Dear Paul, I would like to take this opportunity to thank and recommend Paul from Control and Change. Very recently my husband and I renewed our wedding vows in front of all of our friends and family and although I was very excited and pleased to do this, I was obviously quite nervous planning such a big event. I therefore asked Paul to help me take away the nerves and to help me to look forward to our special day with excitement rather than with fear and worry. There were a lot of things to organise and therefore quite a lot to worry about possibly going wrong, not good for a natural born worrier like me!

However, Paul worked wonders by boosting my confidence and freeing me from the nerves and the what-ifs and so I was able to enjoy our special day and stand up proudly, confidently and enjoy every minute of it. The Control System Paul uses really does give effective and lasting results and because of this, I have no hesitation in continuing to recommend him as I already do, to every one of my friends, families and colleagues. Well done Paul you are simply quite amazing!!”
Sue Jennings, Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic

“Paul is amazing at what he does he has literally changed my life. From being frightened to go into a shop to flying halfway around the world and living my dream of visiting Disney. His system is fantastic and he won’t give up until he re-trains the mind to do what it should be doing, keeping you happy. I never thought I would get my life back but thanks to Paul I have.”
Vikki G - Fear and Anxiety

“Paul has helped me through a very bad experience with acute anxiety. I am now fully recovered and back to my usual self”
JB - Gravesend - Anxiety

“I was referred to Paul Wren from Control and Change via a work colleague who was hypnotised to stop smoking, being told he could help me with my fear of flying. I waited 6 months before to see if my colleague smoked and he didn’t. From this I decided to go for a free consultation, however I was unsure to believe that hypnosis worked. Once I met with Paul and had an in depth chat about my issues raised with flying he tested me under hypnosis just to see if It worked and it did! I knew what was happening through the whole process and could hear and see everything which was a very strange and funny experience. After the consultation we agreed a day of return to have my first session.

The experience throughout was smooth, relaxed and seemed very straight forward. Paul explained the full process and guided me through each step before he carried out the procedure of hypnosis. When under hypnosis I was aware of everything happening and I could interrupt, or interact with, the process anytime for any reason. After my session I felt confident enough to walk out knowing I was no longer bothered about flying. The test was actually on the day of flying and I still had no fear from going to bed the night before the flight to waking up to checking in and taking off and landing. Even to find on my news feed when I was due to fly home breaking news! A plane had crashed which was horrible, however still didn’t bother me. I would recommend Paul for any fears or issues in life. He will build your confidence and change your life! Everything is confidential so nobody will know what you discuss and you can raise any issues and I’m sure he will be able to help. We’re all human and have feelings and issues that we can’t always deal with ourselves and this is where Paul can help!”
Ben Woodhouse, Maidstone - Fear of flying

“Some professional and life changing help from a very genuine guy He helped me to stay positive in business and also life in general and how to not let things get on top of you when times are hard. I highly recommend!”
Steve Cummins, Steve Scaffolding - Kent Ltd

“Recently I was put up for my driving test and was absolutely terrified that I would not be a competent driver and would fail, luckily having had previous sessions with Paul Wren, I knew this would be the best source of help for me. Having texted to arrange a phone call before my test, Paul also sent me extremely supportive texts building my confidence and reiterating the point that if I was unable to drive and not ready, my instructor would not have put me up for my test, he was right(I know) and thankfully with this positive support I got through it! Paul very kindly telephoned me on the morning of my test and talked me through any hang ups and personal issues I had and really built my confidence up!

I nailed the test and was even told I was a progressive driver and a bit cheeky! I'm so thankful to Paul and will always appreciate his help and support, it's so encouraging, "you rock Paul!" I will reassure my crew daily and know I'm doing the best I can on the good days and the not-so good!”
Sonya - Driving test nerves

“Talking to Paul is amazing. Helping understanding the Why and Where’s helps loads and I feel so much better because of our meetings”
SB - Chatham - Health anxiety

“I was asked to give a 10 minute presentation at a networking event and whilst I knew it would be good for me and my business I was incredibly nervous. Paul suggested I try Control and Change as he thought this would help to increase my confidence and also work on my nerves of meeting and speaking to new people. Paul was very professional and put me at ease straight away, he explained what we were going to do and why for each part of the process.

Today I gave the presentation and whilst I was still a little nervous I actually really enjoyed it!! I would never have thought that before I saw Paul as simply thinking about standing in front of a room full of people and giving a presentation made me feel physically sick. I also felt so much more confident about speaking with people who I don't know. Thank you Paul!! If you have something about you that you would like to change I would highly recommend Paul.”
Laura Kennard - Fear of Public Speaking

“I would highly recommend paul he has helped me with my problems which have been with me for many years. It is such a weight off my shoulders. Thank you Paul Wren.”
Mick Younger - Kent

“I can’t thank Paul enough for helping me with stress. I have found the sessions brilliant and being able to use techniques in day to day life has helped so much. It’s the first time in years I feel like I can deal with things.”
Hannah - Medway - Stress

“Paul was brilliant. What I really like is he goes the extra mile. If you have something you need support with or something you want to change or understand in a different perspective, I highly recommend Paul at Control and Change. Thank you so much!”
Cliff Kilmister, Norwich

"I was a long term smoker for over 40 years. Paul treated me in July 2018 for smoking and I am pleased to advise that from that date I have been a non smoker. I owe a great debt to Paul as his methods are a great and refreshing way to stop smoking for good. I would therefore urge anyone suffering with anxiety, phobias or addictions to seek the assistance of Paul without delay”.
Mark, Kent - Smoking

“Some of the issues I needed help with have been with me for 40 years and now I am in total control of them thanks to Paul’s help and dedication. It feels like you have flicked a switch inside me and now I can control and change my thoughts as needed, depending on the situation I am in.”
Shaun, Kent - Confidence and Anxiety

“Great guy, very informative and knowledgable. Treatment quick and effective. I look forward to controlling my mind instead of it controlling me! Thanks Paul.”
Alex, East Sussex - Anxiety

“I have been amazed with the progress I have made in a short time. I feel confident and calm and very able to cope. I can only advise you to see Paul and give his methods a try.”
Carol, Kent - Stress and Anxiety

“After my 3 week sessions before going I was very depressed and unhappy and now coming out I feel super happy and positive.”
Bella, Gillingham - Depression

“Would 100% recommend Paul and his team great knowledge and very professional and considerate!”
Lee Austin, Strood

"It was an uncanny moment. I had just left my Control and Change session with Paul Wren and being a mid 40’s chap had Radio 2 playing. It was the Jeremy Vine show and they were discussing anxiety and depression with a doctor and people were phoning, texting or emailing their experiences. I for the first time in my life had to email the show as this was the main reason I had sessions with Paul. I am a total sceptic, and when I met Paul at my office when he was in a meeting with my wife I honestly thought what he was saying in talking to my sub conscience and the way he does it was total rubbish, I am an accountant and businessman with several businesses and what he said to me that morning felt like gibberish!!!!!


I had several issues I wasn’t coping with. Namely a bad divorce, loss of my mother when she was too young and bad business partners over the years before I set up on my own. I had not slept a good night sleep for over ten years, waking up mid sleep, thinking work, thinking all the things I’d done in the past, right or wrong (the wrong ones kept coming up) and when I eventually woke up and get up I’d cough, go to the bathroom and then be sick. This happened for ten years plus, everyday Monday to Friday.

Paul started with my anxiety, moving onto my grief by talking to my subconscience.

In one session alone my wife was amazed. I was sleeping all night and the main thing was not going to the bathroom and being sick every morning. To do that in one hour and a half session I cannot believe, however, I am not being sick in the morning anymore and the only reason is Paul. Not medication or shrinks!!! That alone was worth the time and money to spend with him. On a lighter note, I also had a fear of snakes so bad I couldn’t watch Harry Potter or Bond movies when snakes were involved. In the space of one session I can now watch these movies and have no fear (I still don’t want to touch one, but why should I and ever have the need too!!!) but I can watch them on TV or see pictures in a paper!!!!

If only one person reads this and sees Paul I have done my job and passed on his skills.

As I said at the start, I don’t do recommendations, but I felt so strongly about how Paul has turned my life around that I emailed a prime time radio show. Thank you Paul"
Andy – Maidstone, Kent - Anxiety and Fear of snakes

“I met with Paul as I was extremely stressed and suffering from anxiety (which I didn’t even realise until he explained it to me) and I knew something had to change. My shoulders were up by my ears and I couldn’t think clearly. This all changed after the first session with Paul when he spoke to my subconscious. He gave me lots of things to take away from the sessions and practice on. I feel like a different person and I am a much better wife, mother and now back in control of my business. Everyone needs a session with Paul, they just don’t know it yet!"
A calmer mum and business woman - Stress and Anxiety

"Paul is absolutely Amazing! After just one session Paul has helped me to overcome my phobias of water and heights! After just two sessions I can’t believe the changes! Thank you so much Paul”
Michaela, Isle of wight - Fear of Heights and Water

"I had such a great day in London yesterday, had absolutely zero anxiety. Got the bus, the train, the tube, went to a museum, went to a restaurant, loads of stuff and was enjoying myself the whole time! My friends said I was like a different person!
To prove how happy I was - look at this picture of me beaming on the tube haha. It was a genuine smile”
Eloise, Dartford - Anxiety

“I went to Paul when I felt anxiety and panic had taken over my life and was stopping me doing the things I wanted to do. As soon as I met him, he made me feel relaxed and at ease and he explained his treatment methods clearly so I could fully get on board with them. I noticed changes in my thought patterns, behaviour and confidence after only one session and it has only got better from there! I feel like I have been holding my breath for the last few years as I was being controlled by fear and worry - and now I feel like I can breathe again! My friends and family say I am like a new person. I can’t thank Paul enough - he is a kind and carry man who is passionate about helping others. Thank you Paul. I can breathe again!"

“I never thought it would work but after my first session I felt confident in Paul. After my second session I actually went over Dartford bridge which was one of my major fears. Now I am positive about heights and flying thanks to Paul.”
Steve - Rainham - Fear of heights and Dartford Bridge

“Big thanks to Paul for helping me. I was anxious going onto this but Paul was very friendly and quickly put me at ease and made the whole process worry free.”
GT - London - Anxiety

“My anxiety was effecting me hugely when I first met Paul. From day one he made me feel relaxed and at ease. After the first session, my wife mentioned it was the first time she had seen my real smile for months. I knew I had made the right choice in going to see Paul. I can’t recommend Paul enough, I also can’t thank him enough. An absolute star and professional.”
JL - Kent - Anxiety

“This does work. I stopped a 30 year habit in one session! Give it a go, if you want to stop this will help you do it. I've tried all the products and this is the only thing that truly worked.”
ST – Kent - Smoking

“I am a new man! No anxiety or fear. I cannot recommend Paul and the Control system more wholeheartedly. I have a new found calm and confident approach to daily life and more importantly, the future is filled with optimism and excitement, rather than fear and dread. Thank you so much Paul.“
R.S - London - Stress

“This gentleman has a genuine talent for assisting those that wish to change. I stopped a 30 year smoking habit in one session ! Powerful stuff”
S.A.J - Somerset - Smoking

“I found Paul to be professional and friendly. Paul made me feel comfortable and safe from our first meeting. After four meetings with Paul, I no longer have a fear of heights. I am very grateful to Paul. I've got to tell you this. I was driving home on the M2, & as I drove over the motorway bridge, I drove in the off side lane & felt comfortable to look down over the edge. Normally I drive in the middle lane & stare straight ahead. I'm well chuffed. Thank you so much. I've just stood on the cabinet to change the bulbs (which really didn't need changing) and felt really comfortable. I then stood on the roof of my extension & stood on the edge & looked up & down & felt really comfortable again. When I got off of the London Eye, I punched air in celebration and sent a text to Paul…..!
I did it. I done the London eye.  YAY!"
M.P - Kent - Fear of Heights

“I suffer from C-PTSD and whilst talking therapies had proved helpful, I still felt I needed some help to change some of the more difficult to deal with symptoms at a subconscious level. I was ready to change these so Control has been very productive for me. I still notice some symptoms but they are not as intense. They seem more like a thought and not with the anxiety, fear, etc attached to them. What did you do with my cravings? ;-). I can honestly say this If you are truly ready to change and empower yourself, then Mr Wren is the man to help you do that. It’s true I’ve had all sorts of therapy, but this is like magic. I cannot thank you enough.”
Sarah - Kent - C-PTSD

“Finally medication free! My family are so pleased, we will need a group booking! Anxiety and depression are not for is for life. If you have never experienced Hypnosis, don’t hesitate through fear or worry about the unknown, or preconceived opinions from the TV. From the first phone call to the last visit, Paul made me feel safe and secure. Everything is explained, clear and non-judgmental.  Thanks Paul x”
A.L - Essex - Anxiety and Depression
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