Nicole has been coaching people informally for the best part of 20 years, starting at a young age to be the person people would go to for a friendly, non-judgemental ear, some impartial advice and the occasional kick up the bum.

During her career in the education sector spanning over 15 years, Nicole used her classrooms as a vehicle for helping her students learn to discuss the depths of life and existence, and created a safe space for people to bring their real raw experiences into the open. Becoming a hypnotherapist felt like a natural progression given Nicole’s interest in helping others, self-development and how the mind works.

Since 2019 Nicole has been fully dedicated to helping people understand how their minds work and to create a healthier, happier, more gentle relationship with themselves through conscious and subconscious coaching, specialising in self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-awareness.

"I absolutely loved my sessions with Nicole. I felt completely calm after each one. She gave me some amazing mind tools to help me control my tinnitus. I can highly recommend Nicole, she gives 100% and is a very talented hypnocoach! A very special lady!"
Alison, France

"Thank you so much! I can only describe the experience as life changing. With your help the continual burden of social anxiety that has been holding me back since I was a teenager has been lifted. I couldn't believe we could make so much progress so quickly but after just the first session, the difference was night and day. I was ready for the change but would never have been able to shake those old thought patterns without you to guide me. I only wish I had done it years ago. I can't wait to explore this exciting new world feeling more confident than ever!"
DT, Spain

"I had a great experience with my sessions with Nicole. She is a warm, kind, caring person, and really helped me with the difficulties I was dealing with, and which had been holding me back in a professional environment. On a weekly basis I noticed the fears that had been limiting me beginning to lift, and as a result, I now feel more confident. This has been proven in real world examples with recent experiences with clients - I've been able to overcome the fears that I used to have, and this has put me in a better situation professionally. I highly recommend working with Nicole - I worked with her to deal with issues that I'd been having related to work, but I imagine the techniques are just as effective in all areas of life."
Danny, UK
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Nicole Mazzucato


Cadiz, Spain / St Albans, UK

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Nicole Mazzucato

Nicole Mazzucato