Nicola originally trained in theatre at Dartington College Of Arts and spent many years touring through the UK, Europe and beyond, working as an actor and director.

In between times she has also worked regularly as a lecturer in theatre and performance in both further and higher education.

Nicola has always worked closely with people of all ages, and particularly with young people, helping them to develop their skills, find their path in life and move towards fulfilling their cherished dreams and goals.

“My career path changed dramatically after a one day workshop with Tim. It was a phenomenal experience. I decided that I had to learn how to do this wonderful thing myself so that I could use it to help other people.” That workshop inspired Nicola to train in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and as soon as Tim made training in his own system available she signed up.

“The experience remains life-changing to this day.”

If you would like Nicola to help you to gain control over your thoughts and your emotions then please do get in touch.

"I have spent the last 15 years of my life unable to drive on the motorway or dual carriageways. I am 59 years old. Before my anxiety and panic attacks developed,
I could drive anywhere. I used to work in touring theatre companies and drove a large Mercedes van all over the country, with no concerns at all. Something happened about 15/16 years ago and the fears started to develop. I would try and do it and then have to pull over onto the hard shoulder. I would take convoluted jou
rneys to avoid driving on the motorways, or I would go by train. A lot of people don't like driving on the motorway, but this was different. This was a phobia/panic attacks, call it what you will. So, last year, I decided that I wanted it to change.

I wanted to liberate myself again so that I could drive anywhere. I contacted Nicola. The result was extraordinary! In three sessions I was sorted, with one extra for a little bit of my brain that was holding on to some 'silly' stuff! I drove from Plymouth to Aberystwyth, back to Bath and home to Plymouth without a flicker of anxiety. It was truly miraculous. I actually really enjoyed the drive, like I used to. That fear as I drove onto the slip road at Marsh Mills has completely gone. Nicola is a remarkable woman and the treatment was easy and enjoyable. Without any pain or worry my anxiety/phobia has gone. So if you feel like you have something you need sorting out, and that your brain is behaving in a way that is not useful to you, I would recommend that you make an appointment with Nicola. It's powerful stuff"
Jo Loyn
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Nicola Rosewarne

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Nicola Rosewarne

Nicola Rosewarne