Lizi’s focus with every client she sees is to empower them to become the best version of their self, with a direct aim to improving and upgrading self awareness and emotional regulation through using the CONTROL system in varying ways.

She runs a one to one clinic, which is set in a beautiful, creative space within her home studios near Maidstone Kent. CONTROL Retreats where Lizi teaches intimate groups the CONTROL System for themselves, upgrading beliefs and encouraging self discovery and expression in a safe, holistic and tranquil environment, nestled in natural opulent venues across Kent.

A tattoo artist for nearly two decades, Lizi has pioneered a creative hypnotic form of tattooing called Hypnotattoo. A very special ceremonial tattoo experience is created within her private studio and she uses hypnotic trance to link the tattoo to the client’s subconscious mind. The healed tattoo, when touched by the wearer, reminds them of a powerful, positive message. Like a boost button, on your skin, that can perform a positive reminder again and again.

Lizi has a wealth of experience in facilitating others to open their minds to a new perspective and create a change in confidence, connection and passion for life.

“I am honored to be able to declare myself as a successful result of Lizi’s HypnoTattoo sessions! Following a slightly skeptical start on my behalf and doubting myself - I was able to put my trust and confidence in Lizi and what she had to offer me as a person, I was able to grab and use this method to get the results we both were aiming for. I was treated as an individual. Lizi has an attentive approach, a calming nature and shows great passion and was able to take me to the places deep down I wanted to be using the very clever control techniques. Lizi guided me and worked with me with a caring attitude. I felt like she listened to me and understood me.

I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to relax but I did! A personable and honest commitment from her part enabled me to deal with the issues I wanted to resolve. I would say the sessions have really helped me and had a huge impact on my life. I was able to be me again and that’s where I still am after 3 weeks from my final session. I chose a small tattoo to have on my finger to be reminded of the journey I had made and to look at to continue the focus if I feel like falling out of the boat at all!

A brilliant and unique method of therapy – who would have known you can control yourself without feeling in control!!! Highly recommended and will be revisiting her for further aspects that need to be addressed.”
Hayley, Feb 2017

“I had been suffering with anxiety and being able to sleep as over thinking all the time . I had sessions with Lizi and the out come has been amazing. I'm so much calmer in my self and my mind doesn't run away with over thinking situations that I have no control over . Which it use to do a lot on a daily basis. My sleep is slowly returning to a more normal pattern too which is great as I dont feel so tired all the time . Lizi is so calming to talk to she makes me feel so at ease with how im feeling and should be feeling . She also done a small tattoo to help reinforce the therapy and this does seem to be doing its job .. Thank you so much Lizi for all you have done to help me..”
Karla, Feb 2017

"I Came to Lizi needing help addressing issues from my childhood that have carried through to my adult life. I felt lost and angry with myself for accepting these thoughts of worthlessness! After 3 sessions and my hypnotattoo I feel much stronger and able to face my situation, plan for the future and make the necessary decisions. Lizi also helped me come to terms with the death of my brother for which I will be forever grateful. Lizi showed nothing but support and kindness while guiding me through the control System. I now feel my future is much brighter and have also enrolled on her workshop to further learn the control system and increase my confidence and self esteem. Thank you Lizi!"
S.W March 2018
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Lizi Gambell

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