Laura was already running a therapy practice called Mind Therapy when she first discovered the CONTROL System.

A fully Qualified hypnotherapist, plus CBT Practitioner, she studied with the Kent School of Hypnotherapy to Diploma level in 2013 and has taken several advanced courses to extend her knowledge to give the best outcome for her clients. She also has extended knowledge and qualified in psychology of selves and NLP, and in 2017 qualified as a CONTROL practitioner. Laura also has 16 years experience working with children, from babies to adults and holds a Diploma in Childcare and Development level 3. Therefore has a good rapport with children. She is registered and a member of  the hypnotherapy association and fully insured with Balens.

Laura’s passion is to help others live a better quality of life. Mind Therapy can help in a way that is best for you personally due to the expertise available. Mind therapy can help with a range of issues or obstacles. Mind Therapy is based in Maidstone, Kent and the sessions or programmes are tailored to your own needs which will be practical and effective, as Laura will work with you to define your goals; whether you're struggling with anxiety, stress, phobias, sleep problems, confidence, self esteem, exams and presentation fears, compulsive behaviours, weight loss, stopping smoking or other unhealthy habits or issues. You can transform your life in just a few sessions.

Laura has a great understanding and a high success rate in her weight loss programmes and is passionate in this area due to her own previous battles with weight and successfully losing four stone herself in a year despite health issues. She also sees many clients with chronic illness issues and for confidence boosting and stop smoking.

Laura also unfortunately has had to battle with several chronic illnesses, Fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos syndrome ( EDS) Sleep Apneoa, IBS, degenerative osteoarthritis, CFS being the main issues. However, thanks to her therapy she has been able to overcome and control many of her issues and has gone from someone that was once house bound to someone living a much more active life going to the gym three times a week and putting all this knowledge into passionately helping others with issues so they go can get their lives back and live a happier life.
That’s how Mind Therapy was born.

Laura is so passionate in helping others the best way possible she loves learning various techniques so she has various tools to tailor to her clients as she is fully aware we are all unique. She tailors every session to her client personally so no two sessions are the same.

Laura loves the CONTROL system. She describes it like all her tools in one box like a magic firework, she feels it was made to fit into her style of practice and took to it like a duck to water. She loves how rapid the changes are and how, for those needing CBT it helps their treatment become more rapid.

Laura qualified as a CONTROL Practitioner in December 2017 and has been using it in her practice since, with great success and happy clients, changing their lives for the best.

"Hi Laura, I thought I would send you an update: Well, I am so delighted with the Control System.  I am so determined to lose weight and be healthier, as you know I have Fibromyalgia and the medications I have to take unfortunately have made me put on about 5 stone since I've had the illness.  When I came to you I was feeling disgusted with myself, exhausted and in so much pain I felt I couldn't lose weigh.  Since then my mind set has totally changed and I am no longer disgusted with the view in the mirror.  I was size 20 and now size 18 on the bottom and size 16-18 on top.  I have much more energy and rarely have to sleep during the day now.  Before I was getting up at around 10.31 to 11.00 and sleeping every afternoon, so that's a big change that has happened due to losing the weight and not having so much strain on my body.  I haven't been able to weigh myself but I am delighted that I have gone down a dress size.  I popped out today and it was so good not to have to look at the size 20s!!!  I even looked at size 16 tops for the first time in years.  Thank you so much Laura I'm a changed woman and I'm determined to carry on and become the size 12 I want to be!!"
Eliza-Jane - Weight loss with chronic illness

"Hi Laura, Just wanted to thank you so much for getting my ship sailing on the right course and all the crew member on board working together to make that journey easier. I had been struggling for years with the menopause. Had finally finished an unhealthy marriage where you think you are useless and have no opinion. I was not in control of my emotions often being a blubbering wreak and felt reliant on antidepressants. 3 sessions with Laura I am reducing my antidepressants as I no longer need that crutch. I am able to voice my opinions without tears. I feel confidant and empowered to now move forward facing life's challenge's head on, not be a worry guts and waste valuable energy on things or people that don't matter. Thank you again laura you are awesome. X"
Gill Cudmore - Menopause, wanted to come off antidepressants (could not control emotions).

"Hi Laura, I had to send this email to thank you for all you have done for me recently. For the past 50 years my life has been overshadowed by my phobia of "Tomatoes" If I came in contact with one I would feel physically sick and on occasions was indeed so. I could not go near them and kept my phobia to myself if possible as it could make my life feel like hell. When shopping I always checked the ingredients on packets etc and if it contained tomatoes it went back on the shelf. So my food was limited by this. When eating out I always had to request no tomatoes on my plate and if so it went straight back. On my second session with you I can hardly believe that I could not wait to get into your kitchen to get my hands on a tomato and cut it in half and pose with it, My wife and my mother were gobsmacked by this. I have now eaten several new things that have tomato in them and have not been ill and enjoyed them. I have twice now had tomatoes on my plate when eating out and it has not bothered me one bit. Basically you have changed my life in quite a big way THANK YOU LAURA you are AWESOME and I also feel AWESOME that I am now totally free of my phobia. Thank you Thank you Laura "
Andy Dowling - 50 year Phobia of Tomatoes

"Dear Laura Below is a break down of my experience trough the sessions I have been having with you to help with changing my continuous unhappiness in life in to happiness... Only a few days after our first consultation appointment ,I have  noticed an increase in confidence ,motivation and a very strange sense of well being and contentment within myself,so unexpected at such early stage in to the therapy that I could really not understand what was happening to me and to my usual self,it was only after having spoken to you about it that I learn that my mind was already making some important changes.

After our first session the changes became extremely visible and recognisable ,suddenly I was able to enjoy every little happening in my day to day ,and the less enjoyable things did not seem to bother me,a new found happiness ,it has felt since, like I have given myself a second chance to see what i have been missing and i am enjoy even the things that once were of absolutely no importance to me. The second session has changed my life forever, I now am feeling totally fulfilled by myself and those that i love, I feel in control of my life, of every emotion ,I own every failure ,learn from it and transform it in a positive ,and most importantly I finally feel proud and own every success ,every achievement I am able to recognise as mine.

I feel so liberated,I am free,I am free from my old self,I feel I am starting a new life ,i feel like I am feeling emotions I have never felt before,I feel like I am loving all the important people in my life  in a more passionate amazing way, every emotion feels like is the first time. The third final session.

It has been an incredible journey of self assessment, self motivation, self criticism ,an incredible journey within myself ,rediscovering who I am  and who i could be without those barriers my subconscious had created. Trough this journey ,with your great experience, with your deep understanding of every aspect of all my needs and my desperate desire to feel I have achieved ,to feel happy to feel simply that I am living my life to the full,I have achieved every step in my list ,I have achieved every wish ,every emotion ,I have achieved the change I have so longed for many years.

Laura, I am unable to put in words my gratitude towards you, you have been a mentor as well as a therapist ,the help and guidance you have led my way to success is more then remarkable ,forever in your debt for changing my life."
M.Elizabeth Sanciu Edwards - Unhappiness in life and never recognised achievement.
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Laura O'Callaghan

South East England

Maidstone, Kent

CTRL Practitioner, HCH, DIP, HYP

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