Since having had hypnotherapy to overcome a fear of flying 20 years ago, Larissa has been fascinated by hypnosis and how the mind works.

Having originally trained in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Larissa attended a Control System workshop and knew she had to train in this method.

The patterns of thought and automatic reactions that are held in the subconscious mind can be difficult to take control of from the conscious part of your mind. This is where the Control System can help. This weird-but-wonderful way of working will put you back in control of what you want to change about yourself.

Whether you struggle with fears or anxieties, motivation or self-confidence issues, or if you would like to better manage your relationship with food or a chronic pain condition, Larissa can help you! She has also used this method to help people with panic attacks, Tourette’s and tinnitius.

Larissa works from Brighton but sees all her clients online via Zoom. So, you can be in the comfort of your own home and anywhere in the world.

"Amazing experience and would highly recommend! Larissa is calm and professional taking time to explain how this works which allows you to feel relaxed and trust the process. The results far exceeded my expectations and cannot thank Larissa enough."
Julia, Burgess Hill

"I had a really positive experience with hypnotherapy with Larissa. For 30years, I had suffered from panic attacks which limited my choices in so many areas of life and after only 3 sessions, they were gone!! It has been life changing and I can't recommend her highly enough. So professional and skilful whilst also being very reassuring and warm. I'm so grateful to her. I will definitely be going to her again if I need to."
Gisele, Brighton

"Larissa worked with me to help with Tourette’s and the associated tics I had struggled with for as long as I could remember. She used a different approach this time (CONTROL), but did so with the same wonderful calmness and positivity as before. Again, I’m pleased to say that her help made a huge difference to me and for that I can’t thank her enough."
Jen, Brighton
Control Workshop Presenters

Larissa Bellotte

South East England

Brighton, East Sussex

CTRL Practitioner, HPD, DSFH, MNCH(Reg), AfSFH(Reg)

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