Jennifer has been a personal fitness trainer and mindset coach for more than 13 years.

Over these years she has helped hundreds of women become happier, healthier, and more confident. Her education as a licensed personal trainer and certified CONTROL practitioner, as well as her background in social psychology, allow her to provide a holistic approach to health and fitness.

Jennifer believes that in order to achieve lasting results and enhance your life and wellbeing permanently we need to address physical fitness, nutrition, and mindset alike.

Her services include: Virtual Mindset Coaching and CONTROL sessions

Personal Fitness Training (in-person in the Miami, FL area, virtual via Skype/Zoom, and online via an app on your phone)

Better Mind – Better Body – Better Life Seminars (In-person, Corporate, and virtual)


Jennifer arbeitet seit 13 Jahren als Personal Fitness Trainerin und Mindset Coach. Seit Beginn ihrer Karriere hat sie bereits hunderte Frauen dabei unterstützt, glücklicher, gesünder und selbstbewusster zu werden. Ihre Ausbildung zur lizensierten Personal Trainerin und CONTROL Practitioner sowie ihr Studium der Sozialpsychologie erlauben es ihr, ihre Angebote mit einem ganzheitlichen Ansatz von Gesundheit und Fitness individuell zu gestalten.

Jennifer glaubt fest daran, dass ein Fokus auf Fitness, Ernährung und mentale Einstellung gleichermaßen die Voraussetzung ist, um anhaltende Veränderungen herbeizuführen und das Wohlbefinden nachhaltig zu steigern.

Ihre Angebote umfassen: Virtuelles Mindset Coaching und CONTROL Sitzungen

Personal Fitness Training (persönlich in Miami, FL und Umgebung, virtuell via Skype/Zoom und online per Handy-App)

Better Mind – Better Body – Better Life Seminare und Workshops (persönlich, für Unternehmen und virtuell)

"Jennifer is an amazing coach that surpasses all others! I come from a field of nutrition so I understood the basics, but I still managed to lose 8lbs within two months of working with her. My weight was going up every week prior and not only did she help me with recognizing what I ate and exercise, but she changed my habits. As crazy as it sounds she spoke to my subconscious mind and now I do not crave fast food or mindlessly eat anymore. I am currently still losing weight and I feel a lot better. Thank you, Jennifer!"
Megan, USA

"This is not the first time I worked with Jennifer, so I knew it would be good. I like her style, she's nice, honest, and real. She really wants to help people, you are not only a number. She has so many different and individual options and she teaches you how you can help yourself. I achieved so many goals since I know her. I would recommend her to everybody. Thank you for everything!"
Georgia, Deutschland
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