Jade’s focus is on helping others heal from anxiety. After living through an unsafe childhood and unhappy teenage years, she later experienced high levels of anxiety herself.

Already passionate about finding answers to self healing when having gut issues, she knew there were alternative and long term ways to heal ourselves that we aren’t readily aware of.

With this curiosity and dedication, not only did she set herself free from anxiety, her life improved in all areas of the mind, body and spirit. She believes when looking at all these aspects of our wellbeing, we can not only feel empowered in our healing, but thrive and live life to fullest.

Jade has developed her knowledge and skills in stress management, herbalism, and energy work. She is now a breathwork facilitator, Reiki Master, and a holistic health advocate.

Jade knew she wanted to offer a more structured way of working with the mind as part of her services, and that is when she was led to Tim. She is proud to use the CONTROL System as the core of her work.

Working as a supervisor in local government, running her own vegan bakery business and doing hair and make up for weddings, she has loved meeting people from various walks of life. Even from her own friends reaching out to her for advice, she became aware of this shared suffering so many people go through and knows we are here to be thriving, not just trying to survive!

She loves to be part of someone's journey and is excited to work with anyone who wants to make a change.

“I started my sessions with Jade to help with my anxiety and since we have finished, I feel like a huge improvement has been made and my anxiety has practically gone. She always made sure all my needs were met and made me feel at ease straight away. What was so special about our sessions is Jade not only talked to my subconscious but also gave me the tools to actively help anxiety with breathing exercises and meditations. Our sessions were always well planned, and I felt open and free to talk and Jade was a very good listener. Jade had a great deal of knowledge on anxiety, and I can’t thank her enough for helping me with my anxiety as it’s something I have dealt with since childhood and would recommend her to anyone who needs help with anxiety, depression or even addiction.”

“I’ve never really spoken about my anxiety with anyone before so I felt like this was already a big step for me and I instantly felt better. When Jade first spoke to my subconscious for the first time it felt so strange but also amazing. As each session went by I slowly felt better and better. I had two days of very bad anxiety during but Jade has helped me so much on how to control the feeling using breath work, meditation etc. I recently had my last session with Jade and I feel amazing. I haven’t felt any anxiety since but even if I did I now know it’s nothing to be scared of and I know techniques to control it. Jade did an absolute amazing job and from the moment I spoke to her she put me at ease with her lovely calm nature!”

“I was never very open minded with what could help me with my anxiety however Jade made me feel extremely comfortable to be able to try new ways to help me. I felt confident to talk to Jade and express what was working and what wasn’t. I came away from our sessions feeling very happy and grateful that I was now able to channel what Jade taught me on my own.”

“Jade really opened my eyes and helped me re-programme my whole inner belief system towards my anxiety. The journey she took me on during the breath-work session was so special to me. She held a safe space for me to completely open up and release deep emotional blockages. I felt a complete sense of peace and a shift in my energy after this. I think honestly that’s what helped me the most along with lots of other things including natural supplements and learning more about our different menstrual cycles. Fast forward 12 weeks and I’m no longer experiencing these extreme waves of anxiety. Having done the work with jade, I now feel that I have the tools and understanding to welcome my anxiety instead of fearing it. I’m so excited and thankful to have my life back and to not be held back by this constant inner fear. Jade (my guardian angel) I can not thank you enough for all the love and support you have shown me over these past few months.”

“Jade has really helped me on my journey to combat social anxiety. When I started sessions with Jade my main goal was to break through the fear I had of social situations and allow myself to be more comfortable in them.
Jade was confident and collected with her approach and her methods made me feel welcome and calm, which allowed me to open up about my anxiety. She spoke directly to my subconscious and even gave me the tools to work on things in my own time whilst we weren’t having sessions, allowing me to push myself to overcome my fear of social situations. Since working with Jade I’ve already felt a huge difference, whilst I still have work to do, I feel much more confident in social situations and speaking to new people.”
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