I think your mind is absolutely amazing and when you have the tools to change thoughts, feelings and habits you have a new superpower.

Many moons ago Helen started her career as a travel agent (well before the internet!). After a few years, she then trained as an accountant.

After qualifying, she had various roles helping businesses develop strategies and plan to enhance or grow business. She was also responsible for training and coaching newbies for her employer. This led to another change of direction. Helen moved to a training company where she was involved in business training and coaching, something she still does now, but for her own business.

Helen found hypnosis/hypnotherapy about 12 years ago. She had some sessions and loved them. She also began to notice the positive changes in herself. That started a fascination with how the mind works, and she began reading many articles and books on the subject.

After bumping into a hypnotherapist trainer whilst networking, she decided the time was right and she booked on the course and got trained.
Always wanting to update her skills she later came across Tim Box and the Control System and loved it.
“The rapid transformation is amazing and puts you back in control.”

“I love watching the change in people who have worked with me - I see a big difference in their body language, and they start smiling with a sparkle in their eyes.  They leave my sessions with new energy and enthusiasm, which is great to see and feel.”

“Coping with stressful situations used to be impossible for me. I had regular panic attacks, an eating disorder and was diagnosed with mild depression. Around the same time I was referred to an occupational therapist who suggested medications to deal with the anxiety. Instead, I looked at alternatives and discovered Helen who offered hypnosis and Control which was unheard of for me. I decided to give it a go and I can honestly say, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Helen has been phenomenal through the process, she is such a warm person and knows exactly what she is doing- I would recommend anyone to see her. She has honestly changed my life!”
AH Southampton

“Dear Helen, I just wanted to say a huge thank you. At the time I contacted you I was probably at the lowest I have ever felt; I was struggling to see a way out.  I couldn’t be more grateful, this is a fantastic method & the change I have seen is immense – life changing”
VH Portsmouth

“I came to Helen as I didn’t know what else to do. I would say that I’m quite a sceptical person but the changes and the difference it has made from our first meeting has completely changed my life and how I deal with things.  There will be times when life overwhelms me but moving forward I know I can deal with it and I know I can also come back to Helen at any time.  I’m so glad I made contact!”
A Portsmouth

“Remaining open minded about the whole process led to positive actions and quite amazing results.  With Helen’s help you can breakdown the barriers that have prevented you from making the changes you want to do.”
BM Southampton

“After a very emotionally challenging period of my life earlier in the year I spent some time with Helen. She helped me explore different techniques to cope with my anxiety and readjust my mind to take charge of my emotional health in such a positive way . The change I both see and feel in myself is amazing and something I thought I would never see. Additionally, Helen helped me with my lifelong phobia of spiders to the extent I can actually approach them and remove them calmly. I cannot recommend or thank Helen enough for what she has helped me achieve”
BH Portsmouth

“I always had a unique relationship with food where I saw it both as a punishment and a reward. I ended up in a lot of situations where I was miserable, hating myself for either eating too much or starving myself. Where Helen helped is that we didn’t spend time trying to find the cause of the problem but rather rectify the way my conscious and subconscious worked in order to find that balance I had been looking for. This has been noticed by my family and even they were impressed by the positive change the process has brought me”
Control Workshop Presenters

Helen Phyall

South East England


CTRL Practitioner, Hyp, Dip

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