Glen is a Control Practitioner, a qualified remedial Hypnotist, a STILL Method Coach, and an Approved Anxiety UK Therapist. After a career within the Royal Mail, he retrained, as he wanted to support individuals in securing a happier future.

He worked with both young and vulnerable individuals in different roles over many years. During this time, he further developed his listening, coaching, mentoring and counselling skills which he now utilises every day in the therapy that he offers.

Glen has always been extremely passionate about helping individuals to become the very best person that they can be. He firmly believes that with the help of hypnosis and The CONTROL System that individuals can achieve real positive changes in their lives.

Glen uses The CONTROL System regularly in his own life, as it can be used in so many different contexts.  He has helped his clients to achieve exceptional results through the power of hypnosis.

His passion and approachable demeanor, alongside his expertise in hypnosis, have supported many people to make tomorrow better than yesterday and to remove the barriers that had prevented them from being the best person they could be.

“Where the mind goes, the body will surely follow”

"Glen took me through the control method to work on some negative thinking patterns I was struggling with. Glen’s style is warm and empathic and I quite naturally felt better after our sessions. The technique really helped me to unlock more positive thinking and I feel so much happier and content for the experience."

"My experience of Control exceeded my expectations. I'm quite an open minded person but never thought I'd engage, let alone believe the method of Control could work for me. Glen has the most gentle approach, a comforting voice and managed my anxieties with compassion. After my program, in fact mid-way I realised it was having a huge effect and helping me without wanting to believe. I can honestly say with an open mind this treatment really does work, it has helped me massively and I recommend if you're keen to explore it’s the way forward!"

"I'd never considered myself to have anxiety but this was something that had really started to become an issue for me without even realizing. It had become worse since lockdown to a point where it was consuming so much of my mental well-being for so long. Thank goodness my friend suggested I tried The CONTROL System , something I hadn’t even considered until now. I was nervous about seeing Glen but needn't have been, from the moment I arrived I felt immediately at ease and after only 2 sessions Glen had helped me address two issues that instantly felt like a weight had been lifted. With his help I literally felt an immediate change and has helped get me back on track to feeling the positive person I used to be. What’s also been so helpful is the tools he’s given me to maintain the thought pattern, the reassurance that I can do it and most of all he’s there if you need him. I cannot recommend Glen highly enough, and thank him for helping me feel back to the better version of myself."
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Glen Russell

South East England

Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire

CTRL Practitioner, Remedial Hypnotist,

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