Hi, I’m Gaylyn. I live on a yacht currently sailing in the South Pacific, so my services are either via the internet or I make a house call if we’re anchored nearby. I’ve had over 25 years experience in naturopathy as a Nature Cure practitioner and I’ve added Control to my repertoire to offer a mind and body holistic service. Spiritual healing has been my forte most of my life.  I am dedicated to helping people make lasting changes so they can reach their full potential in life.

"I would like to highly recommend Gaylyn to any person who is considering making improvements in their lives. I am in awe how only three sessions with Gaylyn can resolve a number of issues enabling the client (myself) to be calmer, more confident, more self aware and happier.  She is able to gently and confidently acknowledge the harder issues as they arise, and empower you to access your own inner strength that you may not be aware of.  She is genuinely there to support you. If you are looking for an authentic practitioner who has the ability to help you resolve major issues that may be impacting your life, I would highly recommend Gaylyn."
Lori H.

"Gaylyn elicited where the blockages were to me achieving my goals through gentle questioning and intuitively following that line of thought.  I was a little sceptical about this process having not been able to be hypnotised in the past – but still being present made me feel safe and able to actively participate in the process."
Judi P.

"Gaylyn’s work is amazing… within three sessions, there were huge changes in myself, like magic… it helps me a lot, to develop my strength and power and to be much more tender to myself and my inner child… I feel so much better now than before we started. I can highly recommend her work to anybody who wants to develop or change the mind settings… it really works!!!! Thanks Gaylyn, for the opportunity to discover this method…"
Tina E.
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Gaylyn Morgan


Australasia - South Pacific

CTRL Practitioner, Spiritual Healing

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Gaylyn Morgan - The Aailing

Gaylyn Morgan - The Aailing