Evan Baumgardner is a Board Certified Hypnotistand CONTROL Practitioner.

He specializes in helping people stop smoking, let go of limiting beliefs andrebuild confidence, emotionally and physically recover from Bell’s Palsy and Synkinesis and reclaim theirlives from anxiety. His building philosophy is thatthere are no such things as problems, only situations.

Evan Baumgardner helped me in 4 sessions remove major blocks in my ability to advance my business. He is thorough, personable and moreover has amazing techniques of hypnosis that I had never encountered before. I highly recommend Elliott Bay Hypnosis and Evan Baumgardner! A+ all the way!
Mimi W.

Evan knows his material. The training, professionalism, and knowledge, it's all there. Most important is the comfort and ease of his processes. The methods he taught me that I can do basically anytime do work and continue to aid me.
Jacob C
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Evan Baumgardner


Seattle, Washington

CTRL Practitioner, Hypnotherapy

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