Elisa is a hypnotist, mind coach, and public speaker dedicated to transforming lives by helping people conquer their fears, change limiting beliefs, build confidence, and master public speaking skills.

After 14 years in corporate finance, Elisa changed her career to support others in their personal growth journeys. Early on, she pursued various trainings and courses to overcome her own fears and insecurities. During her corporate career, she successfully conquered her fear of public speaking and encountered many people facing similar challenges. As she grew into a confident speaker, she began helping others struggling with these issues.

Elisa then discovered the Control System, which facilitates rapid and profound change by addressing the root causes of fears and objections to change. She is passionate about this system because it is fast and effective, unlike traditional exposure therapy, which can take years to overcome fears completely.

Elisa works online in both Italian and English, bringing her expertise to a broader audience.

"Elisa is very pleasant to work with. She is gentle and empathetic and very receptive. She knows how to listen to you, it's easy to share your fears with her, and her working methods seem simple at first glance, but they are effective. It helped me to look at my fears from a different angle and to perceive them differently, so I can say that I got rid of them in a relatively short time. She also helped me with some techniques on how to work alone with myself, when I want to change something about myself, which I find easy to do and effective. Thank you, Elisa, for your time and for your help!"
Elena C.
"The cycle of hypnosis sessions was very useful to me because I was able to experience a clear improvement compared to past experiences. I felt much calmer and more relaxed even in very challenging situations where I usually felt stressed before the treatment Elisa is very good and has extraordinary skills in listening and always makes me feel at ease as a participant in hypnosis sessions."
Serena P.
"I really enjoyed the sessions! Elisa is very good and a great listener. She made me feel at ease from the first meeting thanks also to her harmonious voice and her kind and sometimes maternal way of acting. He encouraged me a lot and the results were incredible! Talking about my weaknesses made me understand that my behaviors were aimed at avoiding the reactions of others. We can choose our reactions but not those of others. The important thing is to express what we feel. I was very happily surprised with the result obtained"
Roberta M.
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Elisa Galeotti


Prague, Czech Republic and Italy

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Elisa Galeotti

Elisa Galeotti