Debbie has been in the Health and Wellness industry for 40 years, so has a wealth of experience of working with people from all different walks of life.

She has a natural rapport with people and specialises in treating her client holistically and believes in treating a person as a whole, mind body and spirit. Debbie believes the key to all health and wellbeing is having the right mindset.  She owns and runs The Kent College of Beauty Therapy, with her business partner, a private Ofqual regulated training centre offering a full range of Beauty therapy and Complementary therapies. Debbie teaches on many Complementary therapy courses and specialises in Aromatherapy and treating people with life limiting conditions and chronic illness. She has a natural empathy with her clients.

Debbie’s passion and strengths are to educate and empower women to achieve their goals and create the life they want through overcoming the barriers that create negative patterns of thought that hold you back and prevent you from living your best life.

Debbie take her clients through this exciting and dynamic process, that all her clients have loved from the first session. She will guide you through a unique and exciting method that puts you back in control and you will see a huge difference in your everyday life as well as being able to achieve goals you never thought possible before. Changing long standing patterns of behavior is the key to moving on and living the life you have always wanted.

The following list gives you an idea of the negative patterns of behavior, belief and emotions that she will work with you on. *phobias, *stress *low self-esteem, *Anxiety, *trauma *panic attacks *self-confidence *depression *migraines * chronic illness * fibromyalgia *pain management *time management *Focus *Overwhelm *self-harm * eating disorders *weight management *PMT *Menopause

“I honestly recommend Debbie and this treatment more. When I initially went to Debbie with issues regarding my anxiety which was a consequence of a horrific ordeal that I had experienced. I was desperate for help to find a way to deal with day-to-day activities that I found impossible due to the severity of my feelings of anxiety. I had already tried many things and felt like I was always going to be defeated. I had 3 sessions 1 face to face and 2 via zoom due to me living quite a distance from Debbie (She has accommodated my needs throughout my treatment). I can’t believe the difference I have found in my general day to day life and I am now able to face many situations I found very daunting in the past. I will forever be thankful for the difference this treatment and Debbie have made in my life. I was extremely fortunate that my subconscious was easily accessible and showed signs of wanting to change on my first session. However, Debbie made sure I had the most from my sessions and took the time to show me coping strategies in other aspects of my life. Previous to having this therapy I have always struggled with exams and the stress. Debbie showed me small activities I could practice in my own time to defeat these feelings and the exam I completed after therapy I achieved a result of 95%! Again, I can’t recommend Debbie and this therapy more and what a difference it has made in my life. Before Debbie's help walking into my own home with my young son was a massive task for me but since completing this course, I have pushed myself every day to achieve more. Debbie doesn't just offer a solution to your problems she also leaves you with strategies to face any other issues you may find in the future. From start to finish Debbie took the time to make sure I felt comfortable and understood the process I was taking and always made sure I was happy with the choices that I made. A massive 10 out of 10 from me!”
Tara W.

“I would recommend Debbie as a controlled practitioner, I got so much more than I could imagine out of my sessions with Debbie, and they most certainly achieved my desired goal! Amazing!!”
Samantha F.

“Brilliant! Without any hesitation I can highly recommend Debbie Allen to help you change any negative thinking into more positive and creative thought patterns. She is a great listener and with her help I have achieved my desired personal goal and feel more in control and focused.”
Caroline W.
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Debbie Allen

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