Dan has been working as an alternative therapist for more than 18 years now, helping hundreds of people and runs a clinic in Portugal.

Dan took many in depth courses like EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ) advanced level, NLP ( Neuro-linguistic Program ) international certification, Meditation, Life Coaching international certification,  Emotional Acupuncture, etc.

By using the skills and years of experience all the sessions will be transformative for you.

Last and most importantly, Dan has the intention and the desire to help you become happier and healthier.

"Dan is not only very professional and respectful, but he also genuinely wants to help people be as happy and healthy as they can be. He celebrates all victories with you. Whenever he can’t achieve optimal results, he strives to find more effective alternatives and doesn’t give up on his clients. This rapport based on mutual trust and kindness was what enabled me to approach some sensitive and painful topics and to be truly open to work through them and overcome them. I feel like these are fundamental elements for true healing to take place. And I believe Dan is the sort of therapist you can learn to trust and dig deeper in order to overcome your deep seeded fears and blocks, and to fully realize your potential. I noticed significant change from the very first session and was glad I did that deep dive, which earned me quick and effective results in just the 3 sessions. I will reach out to him in the future for any other issues I need to overcome within myself, and I have recommended him to friends and family."
Alexandra Martins

"The sessions I received from Dan were very powerful and rapid for reducing my anxiety to nearly nothing.  I have suffered from anxiety most of my life, and this past year has been especially taxing on me. I was having panic attacks at least twice a month. Small daily things would overwhelm me, and I would feel somewhat helpless. I wasn’t able to cope with work, homelife, taking care of my three kids, as well as being cooped up in the house too much. I wanted to just shut down. Dan helped me at just the right time. We had our first session on a Sunday, and that Monday my kids started distance learning, which was something that caused me a lot of stress last Spring, and I was already feeling panicked beforehand. I also started a second online job and worked more hours than I have ever worked in one week. If I had not had that session with Dan, I am sure I would have been a mess, probably having panic attacks, feeling irritable, not able to get everything done for work and for home and the kids. Instead, I took everything in stride. I was calm, dealt well with everything, and was shocked by the weeks’ end how well I managed it all. I would most definitely recommend these sessions with Dan to anyone that has anxiety or feels overwhelmed."

"First of all, in addition to the giant trust I have with Dan, I decided and felt that I was prepared to take the next step. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Dan. Without him, this path and this discovery would have never been possible. Discovering my roadblocks, discovering the cause of the problems that were encountered daily were the key to reaching the goal and the intended results. Living with quality of life, without pain is normal and that is what I will always focus on. It was a very important path and experience, but it was above all a learning experience, sometimes we have to go down to the depths of ourselves and allow ourselves to walk through the journey to discover and face the problems head on."
Catarina Branquinho
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Dan Daniel Nakamura



CTRL Practitioner, Life Coaching

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Nakamura Dan Daniel

Nakamura Dan Daniel