Claire has always been fascinated by hypnosis and the way the mind works. While studying for a degree in Theatre Production, her ability to work with stage lighting was severely limited by a fear of heights.

She was completely unable to use a ladder or genie lift. A visit to Tim Box, the creator of CONTROL, swiftly removed this phobia and prompted a dramatic change in her career path; having experienced the power of the system, she was inspired to train as a practitioner in order to help others overcome their own limiting patterns of thought and behaviour.

Claire uses CONTROL regularly in her own life, dealing with issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, motivation, confidence, and chronic pain. She has a particular interest in mental health and pain control, having struggled with these things herself for many years, and she is very excited to be able to help others with these and many other issues as a CONTROL Practitioner.

"I’ve suffered with chronic pain (fibromyalgia) for several years as well as osteoarthritis in my lower spine for about 15 years. Claire introduced me to totally new ways to manage this pain and the mental and emotional suffering that has come with my conditions. The sessions are very relaxed and Claire made me feel totally at ease. Her methods and practices are tailored to each client, so made it all the more comfortable to relate to and utilise. I can now approach and access my physical, mental and emotional pains to help cope with them day to day."
P.H., Folkestone

"I had a increasingly bad problem with insomnia brought about by a spiralling cycle of stress and worry. After a consultation with Claire followed by 3 sessions, my sleep patterns vastly improved and I can now deal with this and other issues with the self-hypnosis she taught me."
Andrew, Folkestone

"I came to Claire as I was suffering with my confidence in driving and overthinking in general. Since seeing Claire my confidence has grown dramatically, I have learned to switch off the overthinking, and a great weight has been lifted off my mind.  She gave me a wonderful gift of inner confidence that I can't thank her enough for."
Tracey, Deal

"I have tried hypnotherapy before but found it flimsy and unconvincing. Claire's approach is practical and effective, giving you clear and measurable progress in a short period of time. I would recommend her services highly."
Bridget, Folkestone

"Claire told me she could teach me to control my subconscious, I wasn’t very good friends with it, she taught me to be amused by it and not be cross with it. I went to her as I was frightened on outside metal staircases. I can now walk up them and not worry about them falling apart. In addition, I discovered I could talk my subconscious into letting me sleep in until the alarm goes. I frequently wake at 4.30 and was not able to go back to sleep. I have delightful conversations with my subconscious. You are never alone when you can chat to your subconscious."
Melita, Hythe
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Claire Hemmings

South East England

Folkestone, Kent

CTRL Practitioner

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Claire Hemmings

Claire Hemmings