Christine was born in Berlin and after a 20 year long career as a painter in fine Arts she decided to change everything, and follow her passion for helping people.

Since then she has qualified as a non-medical mental health practitioner in Germany and studied psychotherapy and counselling.

She discovered hypnosis/hypnotherapy some years ago, and was fascinated by how the mind works, and how rapidly and effectively people are able to create significant changes for themselves.

After being certified as a Consulting Hypnotist and dedicated to life long learning and improving as a person and a professional she became an NLP- Master Practitioner and EMDR-Practitioner to be able to support her clients in the best possible way depending on their very personal needs.

Her approach is solution focused and she is always on the lookout for simple and effective ways for permanent change.

And this is what led Christine to train as a CONTROL Practitioner.  She loves how simple and direct the system is, recognising it as a method of change that gets straight to the point and facilitates permanent upgrades in our deep seated belief systems. Christine feels the best and most important quality of the system is the fact that it gives the client the control they have been missing, empowering them to be in back in charge of the way they think, feel and behave.

"We had 4 sessions with Christine and that was quite a transformation! We worked on anxiety and it has improved enormously. She's an amazing listener. Seeing her feels more like visiting an old friend that can give you a lot of insight about yourself and your behaviour patterns. Every week the session brings something new to the table and you can fine-tune the smaller details that are still irritating. The method she works with seems so simple you can hardly believe it's even hypnosis. Once you do it, it feels a bit like "was that it?", and then you go home and you notice that "omg it worked!". If you doubt that hypnosis can do anything for you, I would still give it a try. In one session you can work through more than after months or years of conventional therapy. Really worth trying! Thank you Christine for your amazing work! Keep going!"

“It is nothing short of a miracle, and you can't explain miracles, so I'll just tell you that after the first half an hour session with Christine I was freed from what I called my 6 o'clock panic which had made me drink a bottle of wine every evening for many many years. However, even though I was freed from the compulsive need, I found myself still drinking just out of old habit. In just another session Christine persuaded my subconscious mind to give up that, too. And now, it's as if daily alcohol induced escape from reality had never slaved me! I am very grateful to Christine who got me in touch with my subconscious mind. The key to freedom was there and Christine helped me find it. She can turn you into a magician with the power to transform your life!”

"I was at my lowest, when I came to see Christine. I couldn’t find joy in anything, didn’t want to leave the house, didn’t want to see anybody. I only wanted to hide and disappear. I was afraid of everything, scared to be seen, scared to have nothing to say, convinced I am just empty and less than everybody else.

Something happened already directly after the first session. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but something began to shift. From then on I gradually changed. I don’t know how it happened, but I didn’t even have to put any effort in it. It just happened. Week by week I observed myself becoming clear and light. For the first time in my life I feel there are possibilities.

I feel so much better in myself, optimistic and empowered, so very different on every level. I feel confident and capable. I want to live and go out, I want to take driving lessons and learn something new. The work with Christine has been life changing for me! She is so professional, warm and understanding. I feel very safe and comfortable with her. We didn’t dwell in the past and nothing was imposed onto me. I could change in my own way and in my own pace. It felt so natural and easy.

I would highly recommend Christine to everybody! Thank you so much, Christine, You're a star!"
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Christine Philipp



CTRL Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner

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