I am Celia, this system helped me in my own life, and drove me to want to help others.

Celia has always felt a strong desire to nurture, help and support others. After a long career in the Civil Service and running her own business for 10 years, it was only when she started working as a Control practitioner that she felt she was finally helping others as she really wanted to: directly helping them achieve a better quality of life and happiness.

A serendipitous encounter with a hypnotherapist and trauma specialist, not only rescued Celia mentally at a particularly difficult period in her own life, but sparked a latent fascination with how our minds work. This led to the realization that, while the mind is our most powerful asset, it can also be the root cause of so many of our problems.

Celia undertook a foundation course in hypnotherapy at the Kent College of Hypnotherapy and followed this by studying to become a CONTROL Practitioner with Tim, passing the course with flying colours. Celia describes Tim’s unique technique of accessing the subconscious mind as the most effective way of achieving change that she has seen.

Celia has had great success treating people for a wide-range of issues, notably: anger, anxiety, low self-esteem, pain relief, nail biting and tinnitus.

“I find great joy in helping people, and teaching them an easy and effective skill they can take away with them to use throughout their lives."

"The pain from my autoimmune condition had led to increased anxiety which was affecting my whole life. I was not expecting Celia to be able to reduce the pain levels but just hoped she could help with anxiety, which was taking over my life. To my surprise, I noticed an immediate improvement in both pain and anxiety levels after just the first session; I felt lighter than I had in a long time. The following sessions continued the good work and now I use the technique that Celia taught me on myself at home for many issues as they arise. Throughout our sessions, Celia has been kind, caring and professional; I would highly recommend her."
KJ, Sussex

"Celia enabled me to make a change in my life, which I had wanted to for a long time, but never seemed to be able to do on my own. I was a bit sceptical when Celia first explained the process to me, but after just three sessions of just over an hour each, I am amazed to say to say I have actually now made that change and am pleased to say it is fully embedded. The sessions were very relaxed and informal and also entirely confidential If you really want to make a change, but are finding it difficult, I suggest you get in touch with Celia and I am sure she will be able to support you through the process."
RF, Lenham, Kent

"I came to Celia to stop biting my nails. I have bitten them since I was about 11 years old. I have been biting my nails since I was about 11. I have always bitten them. Now I don’t bite them any more! What I really loved about the technique you go into the sub-conscious mind and identify the ‘crew members’ who, behind the scenes, are not allowing you to achieve what the conscious mind wants to do. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the sessions were quite quick and there was no need for any deep exploring of the emotions. I am really really pleased!"
CR, Hastings, East Sussex
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