Cathy is a trained hypnotherapist who is passionate about helping her clients feel happier in themselves.

After years of working in the pensions industry, Cathy retrained as a fitness instructor in 2006. On the verge of post natal depression she found that exercise helped her own mental health tremendously. She wanted to help others, particularly new mums, feel the same benefits so she became a post natal fitness instructor. It was really fulfilling watching new mums make friendships and develop support networks that they might not otherwise have had – as well as getting fit of course! As a mum of three children, Cathy has also had first hand experience of what it feels like parenting adolescents with mental health issues, and understands fully the impact this has on the family as a whole.

These experiences as a parent led her to volunteer for Young Minds on the parents’ helpline. This has given her a very good understanding of a wide range of problems facing young people and their parents today and has only added to the natural empathy she has. Cathy originally qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2018 and discovered the Control system in 2023. What she loves about hypnotherapy is that it gets to the root cause of an issue. What she particularly loves about the Control system is how fast and effective it can be with minimum intrusion. She works from her lovely garden studio in Haywards Heath, West Sussex or online.

Cathy is amazing! She massively helped my partner and I with our respective problems and got an in-depth understanding of what we wanted to take away from her therapy on the very first session. I have tried various CBT style treatments in the past and had no luck with that real self discovery and taking control over my decisions, which started to have a negative impact on my life and I felt like it was slipping through my fingers. However, 4 sessions later we learnt so much more about ourselves and found that her methods of hypnosis were incredibly effective and also non intrusive! Allowing us to progress as people and also as a couple, as well as taking control over our decision making and emotions, and maintaining this from the methods Cathy showed us. Enabling us to perform it on ourselves when we feel it is necessary. Such a brilliant life hack! I would, without question, recommend her services to anybody looking to overcome something in their life. Whether it’s big or small, Happier Hypno does exactly what it say on the tin!
JG, Sussex
I had a great experience with Cathy, I found myself very comfortable and relaxed during the sessions. Alongside the hypnotherapy Cathy looked into my vaping habits which helped me to understand more about how my subconscious has an effect on the habit and gave some really useful techniques to help me relieve the cravings. I highly recommend Happier Hypno hypnotherapy.
NP, Online
Having decided to try a Hypnotherapy session, upon meeting Cathy for the first time, I knew I had made the right choice. Cathy immediately put me at ease, made sure I was comfortable, which made it easy for me to relax and share with Cathy what I needed her help with. Cathy explained to me the whole process , which was very non invasive, which again put me at ease. After my first session with Cathy I felt so much better and my mind felt a lot clearer. I certainly felt a lot better in myself, and it really helped me be the person I want to be. I really highly recommend Hypnotherapy sessions with Cathy, she is definitely the right person to help you, I am certainly a happier person for her help.
JD, Sussex
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Cathy Gallagher

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CTRL Practitioner, Cert Hyp CS

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