Ben has spent nearly 20 years working for Royal Mail since completing his A-Levels.

He has worked as a postman, manager, performance coach and improvement specialist, during this time he has enjoyed helping people of all abilities and backgrounds to develop and find their potential.

To further this, Ben trained and qualified as a remedial hypnotist using the CONTROL system and is here to help people improve and upgrade their minds.

“I approached Ben because I have always had a problem with people eating loudly (or even the slightest noise) to the point I would have to walk out of the room when others were eating. I would also get agitated when I knew dinner was nearly ready, knowing I would be irritated when the eating started. After my sessions with Ben I no longer get annoyed before or during dinner etc. Absolutely fantastic thank you very much Ben. I would highly recommend you to anyone I cannot believe the difference you have made for me.”
N. Doncaster

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Ben Newman


South Wales

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