I am Seattle’s “Insight Guy” and the bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

I love what I do because I get to help people like you realize just how amazing you really are. I have spent more than 25 years looking at how our thoughts and beliefs create our realities. I live what I teach and so I know what works and am happy to share what I’ve learned.

Always on the search for that one thing that would simplify the work I was doing with clients I discovered CONTROL and it has proven to be the capstone to all the modalities I have studied, practiced and taught.

Let me show you how to unleash the power of your mind and let loose the winds of your destiny.

"I was a cigarette smoker for 50 years…with little hope of ever getting over my addiction. I tried many ways to quit smoking, including but not limited to Nicorette gum, mental health therapy, having my partner hide my cigarettes, and then text me the location if I begged enough, along with working with several other hypnotherapists whose help proved only a temporary respite. And then I found Anthony Gitch & Excel Hypnosis. I must admit, I was a skeptic -- I couldn’t help but ask – how could I quit smoking in just one or two appointments when I had been trying to give up cigarettes for years?

And yet, here I am, writing this review:
Anthony was deeply committed to helping me reach my goals; he made me feel as though my success was his success. I have the sense that this is much more than a job for Anthony; instead of work, it is a 'passion' - meaning work that comes from the heart. He is an excellent listener; he listens intuitively with a deeper ear, flushing out the real issues that might drive someone to smoke (like me!). And the icing on the cake? Anthony's wonderful humor… Thanks, Anthony, for helping me effortlessly reach my goal of a smoke-free life!"
H. Allen, Seattle WA

"I have been a heavy smoker for the last 30+ years and thought I would give CONTROL a go in an effort to quit. I hired Anthony in Dec 2020 for my first session and was pleasantly surprised at how personable and easy Anthony is to spend a couple of hours with. The session was actually enjoyable and I walked out of the session a non smoker! I just passed the 4 week mark without a cigarette. Truly a remarkable service and a great person to spend time with. I have already recommended Anthony to many of my friends. Thank you Anthony."
J. Benz, Seattle, WA

"I approached Anthony with my sleeping disorder. He promised to work with me on a deep level so that sleeping will happen naturally. It worked right away and his method worked long-time on the subconscious level. Now, I fall asleep easily and I sleep through the night. What a relief! Thank you Anthony!"
E. Sullivan, Los Angeles, CA
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