Hello, I’m Andrea Fowler, Licensed CONTROL Practitioner, one of 5 in the USA 60 worldwide.  

A wife of 34 years, mom, and grandma, sister and friend. My job as a Licensed Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, and the many other “hats” I wear, has brought me to where I am now with education and experience of both physical and mental health issues, in all age groups.”

Andrea decided to become a CONTROL practitioner because she realised that in her daily life, she would often encounter people trying to make long standing changes to their life. She would work with these people to help them and the changes would be fantastic as they reached their goals. Then for some they would finish the programs/sessions only to return again six months to a year later needing to re-boost or to start all over. Not only was this discouraging to them but to Andrea as well. She wanted to make a substantial long-term difference in their lives, but to do so she had to find the “key” to doing this. Andrea read a lot, learning about diet, body mechanics but always hearing about mindset, which seemed to be the key. But most of the time this was what Andrea describes as  “lip service, a mantra or sticky notes on the mirror”. After so many short term changes, Andrea wanted to achieve long term mindset shift for herself and her clients. This is when she found CONTROL.

Andrea is both proud and honoured to bring this method to America to help people upgrade their lives. “The CONTROL system is the most life-changing system I’ve discovered to date.  This is the BEST approach to make the personal changes to upgrade your life.

"Andrea is the right person for this job, very effective and makes a person feel comfortable. Using the CONTROL system Andrea was able to talk with me and my “crew” giving me insights to change so my “crew” changed its job from anxiety to calm and relaxed. I had a chance to test this in a social situation, between session, I was calm and relaxed. By the third session I was able to report that I was better than a 10 out of 10, I was and 11! Feeling better than I have in a long time. I would definitely recommend Andrea and the CONTROL system."
SOCIAL ANXIETY /  J. Kelley, CNA,CMA ~ Central City, Nebraska – USA

“I thought the this was very effective for me. I have more energy, can breathe better, taste and smell better, and just feel better physically and mentally. In the past I had tried using meds that help to quit smoking but in the end they all failed. I am now a non-smoker and I am so thankful for Andrea.”
SMOKING CESSATION / M. K. Johnson, CNA, Polk. Nebraska, USA.

"I had been diagnosed with Depression since my mother passed away. This was so bad that I was detaching from my fiancé, children and no longer wanted to celebrate any holidays. Andrea helped me get rid of this overwhelming feeling, when this happened there was a deep sigh of relief. It felt as though a huge weight had been lifted. After my very first session my fiancé, now husband couldn't wait for me to go back and finish the process as he noticed a huge difference in me as well. I am no longer dependent on the medication. In fact, I was able to celebrate my wedding with friends and family as well as have a memorial to my Mother with sadness, but without the debilitation depression and withdrawal. I would definitely recommend Andrea to anyone needing to make a change. I found the CONTROL system very easy and VERY effective."
DEPRESSION/GRIEF / J. Nielsen, CNA,  Grand Island, Nebraska, USA.
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Andrea Fowler


Hordville, Nebraska

CTRL Practitioner, Life Coach

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