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Company: The Mind Harbour

Services: CONTROL Practitioner, meditation, Shamanic Spiritual Healing, Shadow Work

Location: Face to face in Oxfordshire, online via skype or messenger

Phone: 07710 777483


Maria has been interested in all things mind since young and is now excited to be offering the Control System, she understands how hard it can be to change your own limiting beliefs and thought patterns. As a fully qualified Control Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Shadow Work Practitioner and Shamanic Spiritual Healer she tailors each session to the client needs, often mixing elements of each to enhance the work being undertaken.


She has had significant hearing loss from an early age and always strives to be better than she was yesterday. Having to battle triggers around growing up deaf in a hearing world she knows how hard the frustrations around limiting self-belief and patterns of behviour are. She has often had to battle the thought demons herself and is motivated to help people to live their best lives. She encourages her clients to advance by becoming self-aware and work through the limiting beliefs and ultimately to eliminate them once and for all.


She is professionally trained in public speaking and delivering tailored training, a professional dog trainer and an Ordained Minister.


Maria offers online consultations worldwide via Messenger and Skype, or face to face in her home consulting room in rural Oxfordshire.


"Maria made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease from initial consultation to the final session. She filled me with confidence that the process would work and put my mind at rest quite quickly into the process. She explained the way the sessions would work.

I felt completely different even after the first session, so happy, calm, and relaxed.

Since finishing the sessions, I am achieving more every day and doing things that I have not done for years which is what I wanted. My mood and energy levels have increased greatly. It was a remarkably effective treatment.

I would highly recommend Maria to anyone who is looking to make a change in their life."

Helen - Witney, Oxfordshire


"My control sessions with Maria have worked amazing well. I have had an extremely tough time health wise, physically and the lockdown was bringing me down mentally to the point I started anti-depressants. After my sessions, my mental health has improved significantly, and I have been able to come off my medication. I don't know how this works, but it does. I felt able to completely trust Maria and opened up to her in a way I have been unable to with friends or family.

I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing help with their inner voices.​"

Sara - Andover, Hampshire


"This actually works! And can be done through a live link so you don't need to leave your home which is a plus during these times. It's not a quick fix as it's probably taken you years to build up your own 'bad' habits but it does work.

Maria is easy to work with putting you at ease from the start as she talks to your subconscious and somehow gets it to change what you want it too!

It's weird but after a session you naturally start to change your 'bad' habits without realising it.  For me it was food and nail biting.  That cake, piece of chocolate or chunk of cheese that you couldn't have resisted before just suddenly holds no power over you and you aren't bothered about it anymore. You might pick it up to eat to start with but find you don't want it so put it back down.

Nail biting was something I did without realising especially when sitting watching films on TV where I'd bite them so far down they'd be sore for days. Now miraculously I can watch a film and never bite my nails which is great as I have grown them long enough to finally be able to go and have a manicure which is a big thing for me!

So if you have something you want to change why not give it ago you've nothing to lose and a whole lot of contentment to gain."

Janet – Workington, Cumbria


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