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Location: Peachland, British Columbia, Canada

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Barbie started her academic studies at York University in Toronto, Ontario. She developed a love for Psychology

at Huron College at Western University in London, Ontario. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts, with a major in Psychology from the University of British Columbia, in 1996. As a BA is fairly general, Barbie started her career in commissioned sales traveling the southern interior of British Columbia. As a hobby, she took courses and she became a certified art teacher from the Moore Art school ( Australia). Finally wanting to take the leap from sales and teaching, she searched for schools teaching  the hypnotic arts. She watched Tim Box’s Ted Talk and she read his book, “Clear Your Head”. She read as much as she could find about the CONTROL system. She noted that it did not appear to have that script “fill in your name here” mentality. She was part of a wonderful group of students who really supported each other while they were practicing the CONTROL method. Barbie is thrilled to be a practitioner of such a life changing method and now her journey begins…


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